Diary of a Future President

‘Diary Of A Future President’ 1×02: “The New Deal”

I am all about girl power and that’s part of what I am loving about Diary of a Future President. You know the outcome – this girl is going to become President. You know that dreams can come true.

And I think that right now – we all need hope. We all need to know that dreams can come true. Girls now a days go through a lot that and I mean – I couldn’t be a teenager. Nope. Hard pass.

In episode 2, Elena has a lot going on. I mean who doesn’t. But for a sixth grader, she’s dealing with some pretty serious stuff.

Her Mom has started dating. Yes, it’s been a few years since her Dad died, so like, it’s natural for her to start dating, but for a kid, it’s a lot. Elena wants nothing more than for her Mom to be happy, but up until now Elena has been the one that has been needed all of the time.

Elena has a lot of questions about her Moms relationship and she asks the questions. It may not be the questions her Mom likes answering – but she does. Gabi makes sure that she knows that the new man in her life is not a substitution for her father and is not replacing him.

But when the boyfriend is over for breakfast and fixes a sink that has been giving issues, Elena is upset. That was her area. He helps Bobby with his homework. Again, Elena’s area. But Sam isn’t a bad guy. He’s trying to be the good guy.

He wants to fit in.

He wants to make Gabi happy. And when her favorite sandwich goes off the menu at her favorite place and she looses her shit – he wants to solve it for her. So he goes to her favorite place and gets every sandwich so she can taste test them and find what is perfect for her.

I think that anyone would want that kind of romantic moments, a person that was willing to do whatever it took for my parent – I would be behind. But in the sixth grade – I woulda been like fuck you. So I get Elena’s trepidation.

When Elena freaks out over Sam’s place in the family and storms off, I wanted to cry for her. She seemed so upset and so heartbroken and seeing a child go through that is a lot. When she tries to return donuts and talks to the box as if it was her Dad, one just wants to reach out and hug her.

When her Mom shows up and talks to her about grief, I felt like it was a really important moment. Grief is so hard to talk about, but it’s important. And for Elena, it was something that she hadn’t wanted to do. Talking about grief is heartbreaking at times – well all the time.

And a parent having to talk to their child about grief and what they are feeling can’t be easy. But this moment between the two of them is both touching and essential part of growth for both of them.

And it does help Elena accept the changes that are happening to her family.

Diary of a Future President is streaming now on Disney +.

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