‘Grown-ish’ 3×03 Review: “Close Friends”

Hello Grown-ish fans! I’m considering this week a “filler” episode due to the lack of momentum until the very end. Nomi tries to convince Zoey that she and Luca can and should be friends, furthermore, it will be awkward in the friend group if they’re not. I don’t disagree with the awkwardness BUT I’m not 100% convinced you can be friends with an ex and things not go awry. Zoey seems to agree with me as do Jazz and Skyy. Lets discuss this weeks episode of Grown-ish, “Close Friends.”

No New Friends

Jazz is RIGHT ya’ll. I have never been friends with an ex. Like ever. I know, some people can do it and it’s fine but like, honestly its not for me. Yes, Luca and Zoey still have some classes together, they will see each other around campus, at parties, hell they are a part of the same friend group, BUT can they ignore each others presence or do they have to pretend to get along?

I’m choosing to ignore Luca right now. Dude is still majorly jealous of Zoey’s success with Joey Bada$$ and that’s not cool its toxic. Also, Luca has moved on with a girl who eerily favors Lauryn Hill. Zoey is doing what I wanted her to do, focus on school and work and stay free of the drama this year.

BUT, drama seems to find Zoey, she doesn’t even know her new bestie is Luca’s new girl. Meanwhile, Nomi is content to hang out with Luca because he doesn’t judge her and he’s chill, BUT Luca is NOT the reality you’re living in Nomi! I get that you’re stressed, and confused and emotional but hiding out in Luca’s loft, is not going to fix your situation. Also, stop being all The Parent Trap movie with Luca and Zoey!

Vivek Is Dateless In The City

Anyone with orange highlights needs dating help, so thank you Skky for offering to help Vivek get his stale dating life together. I like vivek, I think he’s funny and offers insight to many of the characters but he has been on the backburner for a couple of seasons now so it was nice to see him get a storyline of his own.

Skky and Doug vow to help Vivek find a date, because they are both tired of him always being at home and cleaning everything. I wouldn’t mind Vivek always cleaning my house, he’s like a house elf with better clothes.

I used to think Vivek was closeted gay, but now I know he just has zero game. His profile pictures on the dating app are all of him working out and looking like a douche. No wonder he is single, girls don’t want to see that Vivek! Girls want to see the real you, so I’m glad Skky hijacked your phone and cleaned up your profile. #instafilter

Young Love

I saw this kiss coming a mile away, like 500 miles away. Am I happy about it? No, because I think both Zoey and Luca need to move on and have a growth year. Luca needs it the most, his feelings are all other the place and he needs to get his jealousy in check, I don’t like it, its definitely a red flag for me.

Zoey has got to concentrate on school and her budding fashion career, she can’t be in her head about Luca all season! Damn you Nomi for pushing them to be friends again, this is what happens when you have unresolved feelings for an ex! Kitchen countertop sex and the walk of shame in the morning.

What will happen now? I have idea, because in case you forgot, Luca is also sleeping with Jordyn who would be cool if she weren’t sleeping with Luca! Also, Zoey and Jordyn had a connection in class, Jordyn’s on a semester transfer from Spellman and she seems funny and smart. When both girls find out about each other, all hell will break loose at Cal-U. I’ll have my chips and queso ready for that episode and my margarita too. See you all next week!

Grown-ish airs at 8/7C on Freeform

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