FEELS OF THE WEEK – January 26th to February 1st

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows & movies that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week

Lizzie: There wasn’t just ONE female Doctor on this week’s Doctor Who, there were TWO. And one of them was a WOC. Did you feel how the world kinda shifted a little bit and rearranged itself into a better place? Because I did.

Lariel: The “Ruth” version of the Doctor is my pick as well. And it’s more than just how tough and smart she is. I love the sense of mystery this season, and the sense of something portentous. It feels much like the Nine/Ten era, which is my favorite era of Doctor Who.

Emily: Okay, I know they’re real people, but Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish were everything at the Grammys. Someone I follow on instagram did art of Grande congratulating Eilish with the caption “there’s been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz,” because they’re just Galinda & Elphaba! I’m here for it.

Jessica: I’m going with Dina on Superstore.  Dina’s not someone who I would normally consider a hero, but this week she seriously saved Sandra’s wedding.  And her cat.

OTP of the Week

Lariel: Thea and Roy, Arrow. I’ve loved that pairing since Roy first stole Thea’s purse all those years ago. 

Jessica: Rome and Regina, A Million Little Things.  These two have always been my favorites on the show, and it was nice to watch experience the highs and lows of taking care of Sophie and creating a video for their adoption.  I can’t wait to see more of their journey.

Gillian: Janet and Jason on The Good Place have always been my OTP of the show and their final scene together in the finale was so perfectly them. I’m going to miss these two so much.

Jasmine: Kevin and Sophie on This is Us.  Seriously, I know she’s engaged now but they were meant for each other.  When he showed up for her mom’s funeral and they spent the day together, sooo many feels! 

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

Lizzie: I sobbed through The Good Place finale, so can I just say the entire episode? Talk about a perfect freaking ending. It wasn’t only everything I wanted, it was a lot that I didn’t even KNOW I wanted.

Lariel: For me, it was nearly every time a lost person showed up in the Arrow finale. Particularly the return of Quentin Lance, who FINALLY got to spend time with Sara.

Gillian: Aw man, I am beyond upset that we only got two seasons of Star Wars Resistance. However, the whole finale was wonderful and I had so many moments that made my heart soar. From Tam realizing that she was truly on the wrong side to Kaz and Yeager risking everything to protect the Colossus, it was a lot to deal with. But the best moment was the members of the Colossus realizing how much they wanted to fight against the First Order. They were such a strong family and that’s what Star Wars truly is about: family.

Jasmine: The entire tribute to Kobe Bryant during the Laker game on Friday night.  Usher sang “Amazing Grace,” and then they brought out Charlie Puth and Whiz Khalifa to sing “See you again” I was in tears the whole time. 

Jessica: Danny trying time save his new friend on Hawaii Five-O.  I know he just met her, but they had an instant connection.  Watching him try to get help and begging her to stay awake was heart wrenching.  (And I completely agree with the Kobe Bryant tribute. I sobbed.)

Quote of the Week

Lyra: “What can we get for, uh, $4.60?” – Dean Winchester, Supernatural

McKenzie: “Riverdale is a big, scary place.”- Sabrina, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Jessica: “I get why people want to stay inside their own bubble.  It’s where we feel loved. Inside our bubble we feel like we’re in control.  But it’s only an illusion. Because things are happening outside our bubble. Things we can’t control.  And we shouldn’t ignore them or pretend they don’t exist. We can’t just sit in the comfort of our bubble thinking we’re safe.  Because one day it’s going to pop. And by then it’ll be too late.” – Olivia, All American

Gillian: “If you want the greenest beans, baby there’s a price to pay. I’m a farmer in the market, gonna buy all the broccoli.” -Angie singing to the tune of “Genie in a Bottle,” Single Parents

Lizzie: “You realize that’s what a parent would say?” – The social worker to Emilio, on Party of Five

Jasmine: “It’s just a lot of rain in one place.” – Olivia Benson to Fin, on Law And Order: SVU

WTF Moment of the Week

McKenzie: Breaking up my ship. Yeah, I’m looking at you CAOS. Nabrina was everything. Sure, Nick went through some shit and he said some horrible things to Sabrina but did you have to break them up? No. What he needed was therapy and help, which Sabrina was more than ready to help him with.  She was very understanding of the situation. I’m not happy. Also, can we talk about the weird Riverdalesque musical performances? I know that CAOS is apart of the Riverdale world and all, but if I wanted song and dance like that I would still be watching the mess that is Riverdale. We were doing fine without and it felt so out of place.  Part 4 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina better be an improvement.

Lizzie: Look, some people might have made their peace with it, I haven’t. Ending Arrow with a “memorial” episode and leaving Oliver dead, only to then …eh, kill Felicity? Transport her to the afterlife? (Who the hell knows for sure?) so they can, eh, presumably spend eternity together IN THE AFTERLIFE, leaving their children to fend off for themselves? Yeah, no. That isn’t my happy ending. I demand a refund. 

Lariel: CAPTAIN JACK!!! Actually, I’d been spoiled for that Doctor Who twist by John Barrowman himself when he tweeted it Sunday morning, but I didn’t care. Knowing he was going to be on the show again cheered me up throughout the day. Sometimes spoilers are a GOOD thing!

Jessica: The ending to All American.  Actually, while we’re talking about All American, can I just include the entire episode as WTF?  Seriously, the show just spent a year and a half developing Asher and turning him into someone we genuinely care about and can root for.  Just last week he was so committed to Olivia. Now, in one episode, he’s completely changed and not in a good way. The show better fix this.  And soon.

Gillian: The show Evil pretty much is always WTF and there were so many times I had that thought during the season finale. I am always terrified for Kristen’s daughters. Whatever the hell Leland is up to with her mom freaks me out. And that ending! Everything has been tied together, but what does it all mean??????

Jasmine: The trailer for Fast & Furious 9.  So many WTF moments in that trailer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the franchise but it has gotten so far fetched and outlandish beyond words.  I mean, cars flying over mountainous caverns? Dom has a little brother who happens to be a super thief and assassin? Oh and Han is back from the dead? or not dead? I don’t know what to think but it’s just too over the top now. 

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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