Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

I may hate football and Super Bowl Sunday may be one of the worst days in the world to me, but I can appreciate one thing about it.

The commercials.

I can also appreciate the fact that someone out there understands that not everyone wants to watch the game, and releases commercials prior to the day. But granted, I turned on the Super Bowl to see if there was anything I missed.


But I’m going to narrow this shit down to my top 9. Cause well, I apparently like making shit difficult on myself, and I am trying to be kind cause if we are being honest, there is only one that really matters.

Genesis: “Going Away Party”

Kia: “Tough Never Quits”

Audi: “Let It Go”

Michelob Ultra: “Jimmy Works It Out”

Microsoft: “Be the One”

Pop-Tarts: “Jonathan Van Ness Freak Out

Olay: “Space Walk”

Cheetos: “Where It All Began”

And these are all great, but let’s be real – there is only one that really matters. These 8 above are our in our top list after the only one we care about – the one that had us laughing, and the one that gave us more Chris Evans in our lives.

Hyundai: “Smaht Pahk”

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

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