‘Manifest’ 2×05: “Coordinated Flight”

Lord, I want to love you Manifest, but like you legitimately keep getting worse and worse.

Does that mean I am going to give you up? Na. I apparently like pain and suffering. Also, I don’t like to give up hope. I keep thinking that something is going to go right and that all will be fine.

But Manifest continues to disappoint me on all levels. Why? Because it’s predictable, boring, and trying too hard to be something.

But it feels forced. And that is a problem.

MANIFEST — “Coordinated Flight” Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r) Ellen Tamaki as Drea Mikami, JD Williams as Walter — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Olive Never Stopped Believing

Here’s the thing about Olive – she’s taken for granted by everyone. So much so that she’s turning to anyone that she can find hope in and they can find hope in her.

The Church of the Believers is a cult. I firmly believe that. I get why they are a problem. But it is a place that gives people hope and I see why they all want it.

It’s Olive’s turn to set up the church for service, and she is doing just that when the X group comes in and starts vandalizing the place. They are tearing the place up and Isiah goes out to try and stop them. Olive doesn’t know what to do, so she pulls the fire alarm and runs.

Olive doesn’t want her parents to know that she’s been there. She doesn’t think that they will understand. And I can respect that. Cause like do parents ever understand?

She’s struggling with not being able to talk about what she’s seen. Olive wants to do what is best for everyone, she wants to be there for everyone. But most of all she wants to be taken seriously.

See, when 828 was gone, Olive never believed that her Dad and brother were gone. She always felt they were out there and alive. She has a connection to Cal that she hasn’t wanted to admit.

Grace Is Run Off The Road

So Grace is driving with Cal, when she calls Ben. She wants Ben to bring home something for dinner. He tells her that he’s had a calling and asks if she or Cal have felt anything.

They haven’t.

But all of the sudden this blue truck comes out of nowhere and runs her off the road. Ben hears them go off the road and rushes to be there. Grace and Cal are okay, but then all of the sudden Grace says that she thinks something is wrong with the baby.

MANIFEST — “Coordinated Flight” Episode 205 — Pictured: Garrett Wareing as TJ Morrison — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Coming Clean

Here’s the thing about Olive. She has the heart to want to protect everyone and her family does mean the world to her. When she finds out that the X group is responsible for her Mom being hurt – she knows that she has to come clean.

And that is a scary thing for Olive. She would give everything for her family. So she goes to her Aunt Mik and tells her what has happened. Michaela tells her that at a certain point, she’s going to have to tell her parents, because she’s a minor and she’s picking a man out in a lineup.

The man that Michaela had thought was hiding something – the one that the Captain thought she was reaching for saying he was guilty – was the one that Olive picked out.

Michaela and her partner go in there and tell him he’s going to jail unless he’s got something for them. And he gives them information but of course when they get there – the people have already left.

The Captain is pissed and honestly – he panties are in a bunch. Michaela keeps trying to tell her that there is a leak. She doesn’t want to hear it – but like who wants to ever hear the truth?

Jared Gonna Be TROUBLE

MANIFEST — “Coordinated Flight” Episode 205 — Pictured: Carl Lundstedt as Billy — (Photo by: Craig Blankenhorn/NBC)

So Jared – like I get it, he’s moving on. But it’s all too weird to me. He’s too pussy whipped on Michaela. He wants her back – you can’t convince me of anything else.

Jared is in the bar and Simon comes in. Now if you watch this show – you know Simon has a screw loose. And now we know why. He’s one of the X’ers.

But he hasn’t made a connection between Jared and the stones. And like that’s a good thing.

But Jared does Simon a solid and tells him that the police are coming for the X’ers. And to be honest at that moment – I hated Jared. But he does it because he is gaining trust.

See – he trying to do Michaela good.

Look, I don’t like him, but I don’t like Zeke either. So there is that.

Simon asks Jared to go out with him and his friends and he agrees. When they go to the car and open the door – it’s Bens boss in the car.


MANIFEST — “Coordinated Flight” Episode 205 — Pictured: Matt Long as Zeke Landon — (Photo by: Craig Blankenhorn/NBC)

Other Thoughts

  • Remember the compass? Well the peacock on the back of it means something. We know that. But when Grace sees it she knows that she has seen it somewhere before. It’s on a card that she and Olive got from a tarot card reader 2 years after the disappearance of 828. It means something. The tarot card reader also said, “look to the future, there’s a possibility that everything will turn out well.” Ummm… does that mean they will beat the death date?
  • I think Isiah is dangerous
  • TJ and Olive – I ship it. I think they’d make the cutest couple. But it puts a bigger mark on Olive’s back and that scares me for her.
  • Ben going to the church and beating up Adrian. Didn’t see that coming. But he done and lost his mind.
  • Zeke being married. UGH. I wanted to like him (ok, I didn’t but like whatever.

Manifest airs Mondays on NBC!

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