‘Chicago Med’ 5×13 Review: “Pain Is For The Living”

This episode of Chicago Med, titled “Pain Is For The Living” was plot-twist after plot-twist. Just when you thought you knew what to expect, something else happened that took you completely by surprise. There was also a lot of pain in this episode – both emotional and physical.

Not Your Typical Sibling Rivalry

The story-line with Jamie and his brother was definitely an interesting one. I really feared for the younger boy’s safety. I mean, if Jamie was able to hit him so hard that he had fractures, imagine what else he could do if he got even angrier. I’ll admit though, I was a little concerned at first when the dad said he choked his son out. Not that the actual situation was any better. I’m just glad my fights with my siblings when we were younger were nothing like that. Jamie definitely needed some help, and thankfully Dr. Charles was there to give it to him.

I cannot imagine being a parent and having to leave one of my kids behind. That has to be so heartbreaking. But I commend them for being able to see the bigger picture and understanding that surrendering him, at least for the time being, was best for Jamie. I really felt for this family and their situation. I cannot even imagine the emotional pain this situation caused them.

Welcome to Med, Dr. Asher

I knew last week wasn’t the last time we would see Hannah Asher. However, I did not expect her to be a surgeon. I loved the expression on Will’s face when he walked into his patient’s room and saw her there. Of course, I would probably be surprised to find out she’s a doctor too if I had the same first encounter with her that Will did.

I totally agree with Will on this one. The last time we saw Dr. Asher, will was saving her from an O.D. If you ask me, she really shouldn’t be treating or operating on patients. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely wouldn’t want a drug-addicted doctor working on me. And what’s worse, when Will threatened to out her, she threatened to do the same to him for working at the illegal safe-injection site. This is not looking good for Will Halstead.

Dr. Marcel: A Caring Soul

CHICAGO MED — “Pain Is For The Living” Episode 513 — Pictured: Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

One thing I really appreciate about Dr. Marcel is how much he cares about his patients. He takes every case to heart, and he definitely takes their deaths to heart. You can see the pain in his eyes and face when he loses a patient. While he’s no Dr. Rhodes, and I still miss Dr. Rhodes dearly, I admire how seriously Dr. Marcel takes his job and how much he cares.

Maybe I’m reading way too far into it, but he also seems to care a lot about his fellow coworkers, if you know what I mean. First he has that whole love-affair with April, and then last night he seemed to be a little flirty with Natalie. I just really hope I’m wrong and there’s really nothing between them. I’m still holding out hope for Manstead to get their crap together. Plus, the last thing we need is a Choi-April-Marcel-Natalie love quadrangle.

Stand Out Scene

I loved the scene toward the end of the episode where Dr. Marcel was trying to figure out what happened to Lucy that caused her death. He couldn’t accept that he lost her without knowing exactly why he lost her. He wouldn’t go talk to her parents without being able to tell them exactly why he couldn’t save her, and I love him for that.

I really respect Dr. Marcel for what he did. Even though he left her parents waiting without talking to them, he wanted to give them all the information: not just what happened, but why it happened. I know that if someone I cared about was in the hospital, I would want to know the ‘why’ and ‘how’ along with the ‘what’, so I admire Dr. Marcell for wanting to give that information to Lucy’s parents

Best Lines

Dr. Charles: This isn’t child abuse

Crockett: That’s a bullet

Natalie: You may not feel what he feels, but you’re his mother. You’ll always know what he needs

Crockett: There’s that Manning ESP again

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