‘The Bachelor’ Episode 6 Review: Let the Drama Commence

I’m not going to lie, I loved this five-hour week of The Bachelor. Even though I feel like we took a massive time jump, considering there were about 16 girls at the start of the Monday hour and only six remaining after Wednesday’s final hour.


The drama continued — SHOCKER — Victoria F. broke down in tears again, Victoria P. was sent home, Mykenna was crying, again, and I finally got to see more Madison (HALLELUJAH)

Let’s break down this sixth episode of The Bachelor, which finally dialed back on the drama:

Peter and Hannah Ann’s connection

Hannah Ann has been waiting to fall in love for the last six weeks.

Aside from Madison, the other girl that seems to have the strongest connection with Peter is Hannah Ann, as evidenced by her receiving the first impression rose. All this, and she hadn’t received a one-on-one. That changed this week.

While Hannah Ann was involved with the Champagne Gate drama — which I’m positive was completely orchestrated by producers — she’s done a decent job avoiding drama. Which already makes her a frontrunner.

Peter certainly seems to have a thing for Hannahs and southern girls. Luckily for Hannah Ann, she’s both.

I was surprised by the hesitancy of Peter when it came to Hannah Ann. While she’s definitely on the younger side at 23 years old, she hasn’t acted her age. She’s shown maturity, especially in this competition. And yet, Peter has concerns. Honestly, I feel like that’s because Peter already had concerns that come to the forefront on a one-on-one.

Hannah Ann certainly didn’t help matters when she told Peter she’d never been in love before. Which is perfectly fine. She’s only 23. She’s got her entire life. And yet, it’s concerning because — if Peter chooses her — she’s going to be engaged in three weeks.

Peter wonders how can she commit to someone forever when she’s never experienced that strong of an emotion as love? The highs and the lows that come with it.

Which he has a point. But at the same time, just because she hasn’t been in love before doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the capacity for love. Maybe she just hasn’t found her person yet. Maybe Peter is that person.

I appreciate Hannah Ann’s honesty. She indirectly admits that she’s been hiding behind smiles through this entire thing. It’s okay to show emotion during this, to struggle with this. God knows what it’s like to be on that show. But she finally let her walls down. She finally cried, which Peter loves apparently.

Although there was something that rubbed me the wrong way at the dinner portion of this date. When after admitting she’s never been in love before, she tells the producers that she’s falling in love with Peter…after six weeks.


Peter sees the light with Victoria P.

Girl, no matter how many times you try to hide behind those glasses, we still see the truth.

Ding dong, the liar is dead! Well, at least her time on this show. Victoria P. has been one of the biggest surprises this season because she started off as a front runner after her one-on-one date with Peter. She seemed like one of the unproblematic ladies.

Then, the Alayah drama happened. Victoria P. was exposed as a liar — in fact, she told Peter to his face. The whole Alayah drama certainly affected how Peter viewed Victoria P.

While I wasn’t sure that Peter realized that she was a liar, apparently it was in the back of his mind. Peter told her that he didn’t see her as his wife. And I’ve never been so proud of Peter this season.

Madison is winning this whole thing, and it’s not even close

Seriously, just end this show now. Peter needs to just choose Madison already and fly away from all of the drama around them. She’s clearly the only one that affects him in this way.

Honestly, the three minutes we got with Peter and Madison was the best thing I’ve watched in the last three weeks of this show. And all it took was those three minutes to show the entire Bachelor Nation that Madison is about to win Peter’s heart.

Peter is a different person when he’s with Madison. Even though there are other girls he has chemistry with — like Hannah Ann and Victoria F. — it’s nowhere near close to how he reacts around Madison. And I don’t think he realized it at times. But his whole body responds when he’s with Madison. He relaxes. He lights up. He’s comfortable. He looks like a man with his girlfriend — not dating a contestant on a reality TV show.

Honestly, I’ve been wondering why this show has shied away from showing Madison. Honestly, since Week 1, she’s been virtually invisible on this show. Sure, they’ve focused mainly on the drama. But it feels like they haven’t shown her on purpose. Almost like they can tell it’s too obvious that Peter is going to choose her. Because, I mean, just watch them together. Peter is truly happy when he’s with Madison.

P.S. When Madison and Peter were making out, she told him she heard yelling (which was Mykenna and Tammy). Madison, who has remained out of drama all season, told Peter they don’t have to worry about that, and they continued making out. I STAN AN UNPROBLEMATIC QUEEN!

Victoria F. isn’t ready for this

My spidey senses are tingling with this one right here. Something tells me she might be some late-season drama.

From the start of this season, there was something about Victoria F. that didn’t sit right with me. While I still don’t think we’ve seen that play out just yet, we saw more of the real Victoria F. in this episode. She came off rather bitchy towards some other contestants — like she’s all high and mighty.

But the thing that set off red flags with Peter was the fact that Victoria F. admitted that she might not be ready for this. That she might not be able to get there with Peter. Which obviously freaks Peter out considering that, after this episode, there are now only six ladies left.

Peter doesn’t want to fall for Victoria and for her not get there. Victoria is someone that is putting her walls up — for whatever reason that is. Ultimately, it’s hurt Peter’s confidence in their relationship, and it could be the reason she gets sent home, whenever that happens to be.

While most of their date was awkward at best — and dinner got emotional — Peter rewarded her with a rose. But Peter doesn’t feel validated. He’s nervous. She’s the only one he’s fallen for that isn’t falling for him back.

Mykenna v. Tammy

Drama, Mykenna. Drama is what happened.

To quote Peter: “Enough is enough.”

This felt like the final straw in what’s been one of the most dramatic seasons — for reasons not pertaining to romance but girl drama.

Tammy has been on a warpath trying to take out other contestants. She feels like it’s her job to police everyone — who is right for Peter and whatnot. But it’s not.

Now, we’ve seen the real Tammy emerge. Not the drama-free Tammy we saw in the early stages. Where the hell did that Tammy go? Now, she’s making up alcohol and drug issues, as well as snitching about any girl whenever possible.

Then there’s Mykenna, who was less problematic than Tammy. But that’s not saying much. She had her own issues. She was cracking under the pressure, crying at every moment possible. She was definitely trying to sell herself for The Bachelorette.

Sorry, Mykenna, hold out for Bachelor in Paradise.

Other Thoughts

Me, every time Peter speaks Spanish.
  • We weren’t one minute into the episode before Mykenna was breaking down in tears. If this is a drinking game, I’d like to join.
  • Peter has a thing for criers. Like he feels validated when a girl cries in front of him or something.
  • Hannah Ann has never been in love before…and yet she’s falling in love with Peter after 6 weeks. Sure.
  • Victoria F. has started to show her true bitchy colors, hasn’t she?
  • I feel validated in knowing that my gut about Victoria F. was correct.
  • Petition for Peter to speak more Spanish. Jesus, it’s so sexy.
  • It’s so obvious that Peter is choosing Madison at the end of this.
  • Hey, Pete, just take Madison and fly away from this show.
  • It was not a good night for Victorias on this show.
  • Even Peter has had enough of Tammy and Mykenna. A surprise two-on-one that ended with both sent home. Glorious.
  • So I could totally do these five-hour Bachelor weeks. Just sayin.

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