‘Deputy’ 1×06: “Do No Harm”

Last week, I thought that Deputy was finding it’s footing and then this week, there was regression. And I hate it.

If we’re being honest Deputy‘s biggest problem is that it revolves around Bills story. Sure, it is trying hard to introduce other things into that equation, but it does it so with such disregard, that it seems as though no one else’s storyline has any importance.

But the thing is – everyones story has importance. I personally feel as though they are sleeping on it.

Charlie, Joseph, Jerry, Cade – all of them. Their lives are as equally important and what is missing from this show is learning more about the characters.

Now I get that in this episode, we were introduced to Jerry’s wife – but like just so she can ask for a divorce? Like I was blown away because I didn’t even know he was married. I thought that only thing in his life was his job and he went home every single night to a can of Campbells soup or a Lean Cuisine.

Last episode we say that Joseph had a friend. In the pilot we saw his Mom and we know that something happened to his Dad. But we don’t have all of these stories.

And the way a show lasts, the way that it finds its footing is when the viewer becomes emotional invested and you keep it.

And you can’t do that by focusing only on the story of one person and making everyone else’s life minimal.

Like Cade – he has such a dynamic story. I want to see what is happening with his foster kids. I want to know if they are warming up. I want to see his love story.

But nope. We get more and more Bill.

And this week we learned more about Bill as his wife was taken hostage and he would stop at nothing to get her freedom. But here’s the thing – IT IS SIX EPISODES IN. They coulda built up to this and it be a bigger thing and a cliffhanger.

I will say it now – they are using bigger storylines half heartedly.

But that being said, let’s break it down.

Paula heads to the jail, where she does rounds as a doctor. She sees her patient, David, who needs an operation that hasn’t been approved as of yet. Paula has a shit ton of compassion and wants to help David. she wants nothing more than to make things right for him.

Just because he’s a prisoner doesn’t mean he needs to suffer and the system is taking its sweet damn time to get the approval.

When Paula is interacting with David, you know that David is too kind and something is going to happen. He’s just too passive. You can see in his eyes that he’s trying so hard to be calm, but he’s going to take shit into his own hands.

And so Paula is working when you hear a gunshots.

Here’s my thing – I know it’s TV and it’s not real life, but that said it being TV did I think that Paula was ever in danger? NO. Did I wish that I did? YES.

Paula calls Bill immediately and seems to be accepting her fate that she may not survive. But again, I don’t for a second think that Paula is in danger, so it feels a little too much. This is a storyline too soon.

The Deputy (who we find out later isn’t a deputy) enters the jail and for some reason someone lets her in with her gun. She shoots the Deputy that asks her why she has her gun. Like who the fuck was slacking on the job here?

She makes it to the infirmary where she finds Paula on the phone and sticks the gun to her forehead.

Remember when I said not to trust David? Ya, I was right. We all should have known. This fake Deputy has him come out and it turns out that this is his girlfriend.

She is trying to get him the surgery that he needs. So she’s got Paula there to do it, but Paula needs some equipment. Bill gets it and tries to tell her that she is coming out.

But Paula isn’t about to leave her team.

Here’s the thing. David acts like he’s in no pain. He doesn’t act like this shit is bothering him at all. I am not understanding what is going on here. I could see these drastic measures being taken if he’s like gonna die tomorrow or living in pain. I am sure that he is – but they don’t show it at all.

Surgery done. Nothing interesting. Fake Deputy tries to act like she’s got bigger balls than everyone in the world. Paula chooses to talk about her first date with Bill.

But still, no emotional connection to this cast or storyline.

Bill goes on the TV and says to take him instead of Paula. That as sheriff, he can get them anywhere.

BILL. I don’t mean to be a bitch, but don’t be a dumbass. Of course they aren’t going to let anyone go. And he learns that really quick. They need to be able to escape and getting out of there means using everyone as a guard.

So they all go up to the roof and they are dressed the same. Cade doesn’t know how to take the shot – so Bill makes his move and says he needs to say goodbye to his wife.

I can admire that he’s always willing to go above and beyond, but at the same point, I would whoop his ass if I was his wife.

But Bills move enables Cade to take the shot and kill the fake Deputy.

And then there is a moving moment where they reunite with their daughter.


  • Jerry asks Bill for his support to run for sheriff. That takes a shit ton of balls. I hate Jerry though.
  • Charlie and Joseph seem out of place here, But I do love that Joseph is trying to be there.
  • Cade’s wife showing up for Bill & Paula’s daughter – that was sweet.

Deputy airs Thursdays on Fox.

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