‘Grown-ish’ Review: 3×04 “Thinkin Bout You”

Hiyah Grown-ish fans! Welcome back to the hot mess that is Zoey and Luca’s on again off again relationship. Did you miss them? I did not. I cannot stress enough how much distance these two need right now. Zoey needs to focus on school, she cannot multi-task, has she not learned anything from last year?

Luca on the other hand, can multi-task but he’s completely too self absorbed and often extremely jealous of Zoey’s triumphs and successes. #notagoodlookbro

Unlike Jazz, I am not team #zuca.

I want to take them both by the hand and lead them into therapy. It will save both of them in the long run, before they end up divorced and unhappy later in life. There is a lot to digest in this weeks episode of Grown-ish “Thinkin Bout You” and not all of its great, so lets get right to it shall we.

Take A Photograph It Will Last Longer

I have no judgement towards Zoey, in dealing with Luca and their “backsliding” that took place last week. I too, have slept with an ex, and like Zoey felt confused afterwards, and mad at myself for letting it happen. In Zoey’s case, all of her roommates know exactly what happened between the two of them, and so she can neither deny nor escape the ramifications of their night of “bliss.”

Everyone has an opinion about Zoey and Luca’s post break up, hook up, and most of the reviews are mixed. On the one hand, if Luca makes Zoey happy than great go for it, give it the old college try. If Zoey is being honest with herself, she knows their hook up was a heat of the moment kind of thing, and she was not thinking clearly at the time.

Luca is over thinking what happened, which causes him to stay in his kimono and paint all day. Rarely on t.v. do you get to see men panic, or show regret about this type of situation in a real, truthful way. I love how Luca stress painted to get through what he was feeling. #anxietypainting

Doug came through for Luca this episode, and was the ear Luca needed to vent his feelings and work through his scattered emotions. Also Doug basically told Luca to get his life together because they had a joint assignment due for class and he wanted an “A.”

I am not mad at you Doug.

Friends with Benefits

Luca, wasted no time drowning his feelings with his new girl Jillian. I hated that Zoey found out about her the way that she did, it sucked and felt like a cold, hard, slap in the face. Not to mention, Zoey was helping Ana register Cal-U students to vote, so that Ana could impress her new beau, Javier. Zoey had no reason to believe the person on the other side of that door would be Luca.

Zoey knocked and Jillian answered, happily signing her name to vote and chit-chatting, merrily, until Luca’s dread head ass pops up. Luca is seen by Zoey, getting dressed in the background, and WE all KNOW what just happened. I cannot be mad at Jillian for anything, because at this point Zoey is just a girl in her class, she is unaware of the past Zoey and Luca share.

It’s a hot mess and utterly confusing for Zoey to witness how quickly Luca moved on, but it gave her the push she needed to clarify her feelings towards him and move on herself. In Zoey’s mind she has no right to be mad at Luca, because technically they are not together. The duo finally talk and decide it’s time to end it for good and move on, with no bitterness or resentments between them. How very grown of you Zoey.

Student Loan’s Suck and I Feel Badly For Aaron

In the B-storyline of the night, Grown-ish tackled student loan debt. Aaron is smart, but he has no direction. I’m not sure Aaron knows what he wants to do after college, which is why he’s stayed in school for so long. He thinks, he’s going to get some good news from his college advisor, and he does in a way, he will graduate on time but in doing so has racked up massive student loan debt, almost $200,00.00 worth, SHIT!

Aaron is not even working yet, and he has no income, once he leaves Cal-U he will carry this debt with him for a long time. It was somber to watch, especially in this decade where more and more people are speaking up about their student loan debt and the burden it carries. Politicians are vowing to erase student loan debt if they get elected and loan companies are being sued by debtors. Even though this was a B-storyline it was most definitely on time.

Kudos Grown-ish writers for tackling this storyline with care. As someone who is a working adult, but who also has student loan debt, what happened to Aaron in this episode was very real. In my case, no one ever talked to me about taking out so many loans in college, I just thought I needed them to go to school and graduate on time. I never had any guidance, and much like Aaron, I just signed the dotted, expensive line.

What happened to Aaron happens to a lot of young adults, and I honestly hope the writers continue to explore his storyline more. I’d like to see Aaron figure this out, and come up with a solid plan, one that doesn’t bankrupt him or the future he’s planned for himself after college.

Grown-ish airs at 8/7C on Freeform.

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