‘Manifest’ 1×06 Review: “Return Trip”

Lord, I am more and more convinced we’re going to be in a Lost situation when Manifest ends.

Lets break down this episode, titled “Return Trip.”


Remember last week when we found out that Zeke was married. I don’t know about you, but I would kick his ass out. Like bye bitch. Married is something that you shoulda mentioned.

But Michaela has a hard on for Zeke that I can’t understand. She’s willing to overlook anything that he does wrong and ummm… girl, your man ain’t perfect. And he’s MARRIED.

Get your head on straight.

So the wife – Courtney – she was in the apartment, and got the shit beat out of her. She owes a drug dealer 20K.

Courtney can’t even believe that Michaela is letting her stay. I mean, I can understand her wanting to be supportive, but no. Girl gotta go.

Look, we all want to be evolved people – but like sometimes you gotta slice a bitch out of your life. Protect your relationship.


So Zeke, who doesn’t know what he’s getting into but he is again getting himself into shit that he shouldn’t. He calls Lucas, as he is going to meet him to make everything right.

Michaela comes with and Lucas is kinda well – he’s straight up creepy. Zeke offers to take on Courtney’s debt and pay it back. Lucas asks Michaela if she likes to party, and Lucas says that she has to shoot up before anything goes down.

I will say that Zeke trying to be protective is all sorts of adorable. It lasts for a second, when their drama makes Lucas want them to go.


Olive and TJ head to the Church of The Believers, when Adrain tells her that she has to leave. Why? Because her Daddy said she couldn’t be there. And Olive is a minor.

Here’s what I expected from Olive – a tantrum. A fit. Something that showed her rebellion.

What we got. Passive Olive.

Her and TJ go to learn more about the tarot card that the card reader had given her. This leads them to a deck that is out of print, and apparently this had happened before.

Olive tries to calm TJ with a tarot reading aka a really bad pass at flirting. Girl, we’ve all been there. Hot guy whose bones we want to jump. I get it, you are young, but lets work on the flirting (even though it’s TV and we know this is gonna work).

Olive and her Dad talk later, and he tells her that he is impressed with her. I think that Olive feels wanted and that’s what is keeping her calm. She deserves to be wanted. All kids do.

Sure, I expected Olive to throw a fit about the church, but I admire the fact that she didn’t. I woulda been like you can’t tell me what to do, at her age.

She goes to meet TJ and he sets up a romantic evening like she had described in her tarot card reading before.

Go girl! Get yours! Olive got a boyfriend!!

MANIFEST — “Return Trip” Episode 206 — Pictured: (l-r) Marcy Harriell as Orlena Fischer, James Lynch as Theo, Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)


Ben has a calling. He thinks Saanvi is in trouble, and when he gets to the hospital, she’s locked in her lab, passed out on the floor.

Saanvi feels responsible for the Major getting all of her research. But like, girl – top secret spies have a way of getting what they want. You can’t blame yourself.

I mean, sure, I also get that she wants to take care of everything, but like you can’t do everything alone.

Saanvi and Ben both had the same calling. In the calling, they saw a little boy who was in trouble. Only there was no little boy on 828. Cal was the youngest person on there.

But Ben goes to visit the person who was in that seat. Finn. Finn tells them he had a one night stand in Jamaica and that’s why he was on 828. While there Ben sees a picture of the little boy, but Finn says that it’s impossible that was the boy.

Cause that’s a picture of him as a young boy.

It doesn’t take 2 + 2 to put that together. Someone got someone pregnant.

Here’s what I am impressed with. Saanvi and Ben are able to find this kid in NYC in 50 seconds on a computer. Ben and Saanvi head to the house and talk to the Mom, who is confused as fuck. But also we find out she’s been married for 10 years, so girl had a one night cheat.

Finn gets Saanvi and Ben to set up a meet with Theo, where Saanvi notices that something is wrong. Finn wants to be around his child and you can’t blame him. This Elena is too much for wanting to keep him away.

Turns out that Theo has liver disease. He needs a transplant. The calling was telling them to save him.

Finn is a match for Theo, and he’s just happy that he can give something to his son. He says that it can be anonymous, but Elena finally stops worrying about herself and tells him that he’s saving his life, he deserves to be a part of it.

I will admit in all my time of watching Manifest, I have never shed tears until that moment.

And I loved every second of it.

Shocker – I know, I am not complaining about something with this show.

Saanvi says that theoretically Theo could have gotten the gene from the liver transplant. Who knows. So she decides to test on herself.

What has she done?


Grace is pissed because a new outlet contacted her because they want to interview her. She’s having the first 828 baby. Now, I’d be pissed too, but like, secrets always come to light.

Grace tells Ben that they should do the story. She feels that for the safety of the baby, that they should tell the world that the baby is Danny’s.

I know that Grace is scared, but like – GIRL STOP. You are crossing a line that you won’t be able to get back over. Your baby also deserves the truth.


Did 828 crash? Why does it look like they did? Why are there dead people on the ground? And why are they people who weren’t on the plane?


I do not trust that man.

Manifest airs Mondays on NBC.

Side Note: Never Trust Jared. He’s a piece of shit and a liar.

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