‘thirtysomething(else)’ Adds To The Cast

Christopher Wood was enough of a reason to watch thirtysomething(else), but then they decided to up the reasons that we don’t want to miss this show.

Odette Anable has joined the sequel to Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick’s beloved 1987-91 drama series, playing grown-up Janey Steadman.

If you aren’t familiar with thirtysomething(else) it “will follow an ensemble of new faces playing the grown-up children of the original cast, the new generation of thirtysomethings. They are being joined by returning original cast members Ken Olin (Michael Steadman), Mel Harris (Hope Murdoch), Timothy Busfield (Elliot Weston) and Patty Wettig (Nancy Weston), reprising their characters in supporting roles.”

Annable’s character Janey “is a passionate, some might say driven person, possessed of what her boyfriend, Brad, calls a very big engine in a very small car.”

You may recall that Chris Wood was recently cast as Leo Saltzman.

Are you excited for thirtysomething(else)?

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