‘Chicago Fire’ 8×14 Review: “Shut It Down”

When there is an explosion within the first 5 minutes of Chicago Fire, you know it’s gonna be a good episode, and that’s exactly what happened in Chicago Fire 8×14, titled “Shut it Down.”

I really felt for Gallo this episode. And Sylvie Brett. They are two sweethearts who don’t deserve any pain or hurt. Protect them at all costs, please.

Sylvie’s Mom Troubles

It seems to me like Sylvie isn’t too keen on the idea of getting to know her birth mom and opening the letter from her. Even though she seemed a little more open to it at the end of the episode, she still seemed kind of nervous about it, too. I just hope that things go well with Brett and her birth mom. After all, we all remember how things went with Erin Lindsey and Bunny. Brett deserves better than that.

I loved how Casey was the first person Brett went to with the letter from her birth mom. We got a lot of Brettsey content this episode, and I’m not complaining. It was so cute how Brett knew that Casey went back and dug the letter out of the trash as soon as they left, and they Casey knew that she eventually would have wanted him to do that.

Brett always goes to Casey for comfort, and it’s totally adorable. First when she received the letter, and then she wanted him to stay with her while she opened it. I gotta say, I am ready to board the Brettsey ship!

Cruz’s Wedding Woes

CHICAGO FIRE — “Shut It Down” Episode 814 — Pictured: Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz — (Photo by: Adrian Burrows/NBC)

Cruz freaking out about the different flavors of cake was probably one of the funniest moments in this episode. I don’t know why, but I laugh every time I watch it. At first, Kelly didn’t seem like he was a very good best man. It seemed like he was blowing it off in a way. But Kelly was there for Cruz in the end, and I can’t wait to see everything come together.

I am so excited for Cruz and Chloe’s wedding. They are so cute together, and it will be cool to have another One Chicago couple make it official. I just hope Stellaride is the next couple to tie the knot. Hopefully being Cruz’s best man will make Severide realize how much he wants to marry Stella. One can dream, right?

Stella Kidd: The Friend We All Want And Need

CHICAGO FIRE — “Shut It Down” Episode 814 — Pictured: Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd — (Photo by: Adrian Burrows/NBC)

Stella has such a big heart, and I love that about her. The way she looked after Gallo and made sure he was okay was very inspiring. I absolutely love the friendship between Stella and Gallo, and I hope we get to see more of it. Stella is a great mentor and will do whatever she can to make sure everyone at 51 is their best selves. She really is a leader at 51, and someone we could all look up to.

Stella Kidd gives some of the best pep talks, just like Miranda Rae Mayo. I feel like they both missed their calling of being motivational speakers. Even though she didn’t know that his sister died in a fire when she was also seven, Stella could tell that he was still really bothered by the little girl from the call. Stella really looks after everyone at 51 and tells them exactly what they need to hear. We could all use a Stella Kidd in our lives.

Stand Out Scene

The scene where everyone was showing Gallo their scars was a pretty cool scene. I liked how they made him feel better by making him feel like he was one of the team. 51 really is like one big family, and this scene was proof of that. They rally around their fellow firefighters in a time of need, and I love that so much.

It was also really cool to find out that Tony’s scars behind his ears were real! I knew he was a real firefighter, but it’s still cool to see the real aspects of his firefighting that they bring into the show.

Best Lines

Stella: You talk to whoever you need to, whenever you need to

Sylvie: Stay with me while I open it?

Cruz: Monogrammed napkins, monogrammed cutlery, they can even put our initials IN the wedding cake

Ritter: Civilians panic. Firefighters react

Stella: Kelly, when I said Cruz needed your help, I didn’t mean that he needs a party planner. I meant he needs his best man

Ritter: Are you trying to load that line, or dance with it?

Stella: Only Kelly gets to see that one

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