‘Grown-ish’ 3×05 Review: “Gut Feeling”

Welcome back ‘Grown-ish’ fans, I’ve been waiting for this episode since the season began and we found out that Nomi was five months pregnant. I am getting just as frustrated with Nomi as Zoey is about her pregnancy, but at the same time I cannot judge Nomi for her actions because it’s totally her body and her decision. I still think Nomi will end up giving the baby up for adoption, and that will be the season finale, her saying goodbye to her child.

This episode is mainly about Nomi’s decision not to tell the father of the baby “Phil,” because she doesn’t really know him. I get that. Like I said, I have no judgement, I just hate that Nomi is in the situation she is in. Let’s dive right on into this weeks episode of Grown-ish “Gut Feeling” we have lot to unpack and contemplate and cry about.

Oooh Baby!

Dear Luca, I love that you have been here for Nomi throughout all of this. It shows what a good friend you are. I still think you are an ass when it comes to Zoey BUT I like the way you look out for Nomi.

Nomi and Luca go to her ultrasound appointment and Nomi’s baby is healthy and has her smile. When the doctor gives Nomi her ultrasound picture, I think that’s when it hits Nomi and her baby becomes fully realized in her mind.

Zoey and the crew think it’s a good idea to throw her a baby shower, but isn’t she only 5 months pregnant? I was confused, baby showers usually don’t take place until about a month before the baby is due. However, I went with it, because these are college kids and I’ll allow it.

Nomi is not pleased with her friends, because no one told her they were throwing her a baby shower and she doesn’t even know if she’s keeping the baby. The girls decide to talk to her about what her decision should be but honestly besides Ana’s crazy ass no one can decide what is right for Nomi, but Nomi.

Nomi is not in an ideal situation. Could she have been more responsible? Yes. BUT I don’t blame her, and whatever she ultimately decides will be her decision and her friends should have her back and support her no matter what.

Love Who You Love

The B-storyline of this weeks Grown-ish was Rodney, Skky’s new boyfriend who may or may not be black. I thought for sure when they played the baby game of matching the crews baby pictures up to their adult ones would reveal he was in fact bi-racial or Latino, but his parents were white. I was just as shocked as Skky! Is Rodney adopted? Have you guys seen how lined up his fade is? It was hilarious to watch Doug and Aaron give Skky shit about Rodney, as Doug pointed out she berated him for dating white girls prior to her sister.

Jazz has Skky’s back however and tells Skky that if she really likes Rodney than why does the color of his skin matter? Who cares? Not me Skky and not your sister Jazz either. I say go for it! Rodney seems kind, supportive and he’s into you girl! You better hang on to that, because you are A LOT.

Just sayin.

Until We Meet Again

Ana does some digging around and finds out who Nomi’s baby daddy is. Ana could work for the CIA, this girl found him with only a first name and the name of his college. I was impressed and also scared of her at the same time.

Nomi still doesn’t want to tell Phil that she is pregnant, she doesn’t want to face him and she says that she doesn’t want to ruin his life. Wait what? Nomi, who cares if his life is ruined! He made that baby with you, you didn’t make it by yourself. Nomi is constantly beating herself up over this pregnancy and the potential outcomes of whether to give it up for adoption or keep it. I’m sure Ana finding Phil only added to her anxiety.

Zoey said it best when she told Nomi that it was up to her to decide to tell Phil about the baby, not Ana and not her parents. Nomi is still in control and if she doesn’t want to tell Phil, then she shouldn’t have to, honestly Nomi doesn’t even know Phil, it was a one night stand. I get Nomi’s trepidation and fear.

Everyone needs to back off her.

This cannot be the last time we see Nomi. I won’t believe it. Nope. I’ll just sit her and cry with her as she says goodbye to her friends and drives away to a sad song. I’ve said before I respect the writers for letting this storyline play out and Nomi’s decision to leave school and go back home until after the baby is born is a very real decision.

We don’t know what the future will hold for Nomi, will she be back for the finale? Will she keep the baby? Will she tell Phil about the baby? I can’t answer any of these questions, nor can Zoey and the crew, its up to Nomi to decide what is best for her and her baby. I, like Zoey, am convinced that what ever Nomi decides will be the right decision for her and I’ll support her 100 percent.

Grown-ish airs at 8/7c on Freeform

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