‘The Bachelor’ Power Rankings: Episode 7

Being the sports fanatic that I am, I can appreciate a good power rankings system. When you think about it, it’s perfect for The Bachelor. At any given week, different contestants can fly up and down the rankings — or disappear completely, which in this case would they don’t get a rose.

Then there are those contestants that are your season-long powerhouses, that hover near the top almost immediately and throughout the entire competition.

Following episode 7 of The Bachelor, (read my review here), there’s plenty to dissect in an episode that narrowed Peter’s final four women down to Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria F. and Kelsey.

Let’s get down to this week’s rankings, which were consistent from last week.


1. Madison

My exact reaction with all of the glorious Madison content we got this week on the show.

Madison reigns supreme once again atop my power rankings. The fact that we had so much Madison content on our screens was so glorious. For someone not causing drama or fighting with Peter, she was forced to the background of the show. But not anymore.

BECAUSE PETER IS IN LOVE WITH MADISON. Technically, he said he was “falling in love” with Madison, but we all know how hard and quick our boy Peter falls. And the fact that Peter has only said those words to one woman at this point, it means so much.

Peter is just different when he’s with Madison. Comfortable. Happy. Fun. Not mopey Peter. I’d be SHOCKED if Madison wasn’t the one that Peter ends up with at the end of this.

2. Hannah Ann

Me, when deciding Hannah Ann was my No. 2 on these power rankings.

Hannah Ann started this season as the clear frontrunner. She charmed Peter night one, which earned her the First Impression Rose. She also managed to find herself the poor innocent bystander of Champagne Gate, and she still managed to come out on top.

While Hannah Ann faded the background as the drama amped up (which isn’t a coincidence), she’s now back in the spotlight. And she’s definitely still got that connection with Peter. She hasn’t been in love before, which has Peter worried. But Peter still feels something strong with her.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hannah Ann is one of the final two women remaining.

3. Kelsey

Kelsey’s journey on this show has been up-and-down, and surprisingly, that makes sense.

Kelsey has had her share of ups and downs on The Bachelor, as well as on my power rankings. One week, she’s near the bottom. The next, she’s near the top. She’s been inconsistent in that way, but at this point she’s become a true contender for Peter’s heart.

Kelsey and Peter have an undeniable emotion connection, which is something that he values. It’s why he’s kept Kelsey around, and it’s why there are so many tears.

It’s funny because Kelsey has gone from champagne girl to bullied to a woman taking Peter home to meet her family. What an arc.

4. Victoria F.

Victoria, you should be mortified. But if that is mortified, what are you going to be next week?

If there were a power ranking lower than No. 4 for the remaining four goals, Victoria F. would be there. I literally cannot rank her lower. Even though I feel like, as I’m sure everyone does, that Victoria should’ve been in “The Girls Sent Home Tier.”

Victoria has done nothing to earn her spot in this competition — aside from being someone Peter is really into. Every time they’re together, they’re fighting. Or crying. Both usually instigated by Victoria. So WHY IS SHE STILL HERE?

But alas, we’re stuck with her until Pilot Pete gets to sleep with her.


5. Kelley

Kelley had the right idea. What else are you supposed to do while waiting for your boyfriend to finish talking to his other girlfriends?

Kelley was too good for this show. She was too pure. She was too honest. She was too confident, as she should’ve been. And she ended up paying the price.

Peter shouldn’t have kept Victoria F. around. He shouldn’t have sent Kelley home. But it makes sense considering that the remaining girls have expressed that they’re falling for him — or cried tears, lots of tears.

Kelley wasn’t going to play that game. She was going to be unapologetically herself the entire time. And it was lovely to watch for the short time we had it.

6. Natasha

Natasha was friend-zoned from the start. We could’ve had it all with Natasha.

Poor, poor Natasha. We hardly knew thee. And neither did Peter.

The fact that there were girls that had two one-on-one dates before Natasha had even one, it was a red flag. He’s just not into you. Which sucks, because you’re a badass.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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