Patrick Fugit Joins The Cast of ‘thirtysomething(else)’

The cast of thirtysomething(else) is shaping up amazingly and we’re positive that we definitely want to see this show.

Chris Wood and Odette Annable have already joined the cast, but there was another casting announcement made.

Patrick Fugit (Outcast) is set as a lead opposite the two stars. He will be playing grown-up Ethan Weston.

Ethan is described as, “the son of Nancy (Wettig) and Elliot (Busfield). He’s a brilliant musician who refuses to compromise his artistic principles in order to succeed. He’s also a recovering drug addict with a lifelong history of depression, and has now had a baby with his current girlfriend, Kat. Ethan is not parent material–nor is Kat–and they often leave the baby with his parents when they go off to play gigs. But he is ferociously determined to stay sober, and takes offense when his mother accuses him of using again. Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether or not he’s telling the truth.”

In the original series, thirtysomething, Ethan was played by Luke Rossi.

If you aren’t familiar with thirtysomething(else) it “will follow an ensemble of new faces playing the grown-up children of the original cast, the new generation of thirtysomethings. They are being joined by returning original cast members Ken Olin (Michael Steadman), Mel Harris (Hope Murdoch), Timothy Busfield (Elliot Weston) and Patty Wettig (Nancy Weston), reprising their characters in supporting roles.”

Does thirtysomething(else) sound like a show you want to watch?

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