‘Diary of a Future President’ 1×04: “The National Mall”

Women. I grew up always searching for women to admire. It felt as if the world was littered with men who were telling me how to feel and what to think.

I was the girl who always admired women who break the rules. If you were rebellious and didn’t do what everyone told you to – I felt like you were someone that I could look up to.

After all well behave women seldom make history, right?

But I digress.

Gabi is making plans for Sasha and Elena to go to the mall. I remember being in sixth grade and my independence being the most important thing to me.

I also remember my parents being weary of me letting me also.

Gabi tells them they can hang in the food court and shop at the accessories store, but that’s it. I admire a parent that thinks that they can keep a kid contained.

So while at the food court Melissa and Jessica walk up to them and tell them that they’ve bought bras at a store called Intimates & More. So Sasha and Gabi decide that they are doing to go shopping there also.

Oh to be young and thinking getting boobs and your period was a good thing. Not realizing what cramps and back pain truly were.

Elena is excited and tries on a bra over her clothes. She ends up forgetting to put it back and Elena and Sasha agree not to say anything, cause it was an accident. Ya, if you’re like me, you know that is foreshadowing some stuff.

Elena is feeling guilty as sin. She is consumed by guilt over stealing. She is plagued by guilt and that night can’t sleep. She ends up calling her Mom and telling her what she did.

I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit about this – because I’ve been there. Guilt is something that plagues me.

Gabi promised to take Elena back to the mall, but she ends up having to work late on a court case. Sam overhears and says that he will take her, which in itself shocks me, because like who wants to go to the bra store? But Sam is supportive and helps Elena.

When they head home, Sam and Elena are eating some cookies (I can get behind anyone who lets me spoil dinner) when Elena gets up to use the restroom.

Sam calls Gabi and tells her that he’s ready now. He’s ready to date her. He’s ready to be there for her kids. He’s ready to be supportive.

And then Elena comes out of the bathroom and asks to talk to her Mom.

Girl got her period.


  • Bobby feels like he never has any privacy and wants to have a moment alone with Monyca.
  • Bobby has to tell his friends he hasn’t had a chance to make out with Monyca. They suggest a kickback.
  • Sam talks to a co-worker about being a father and it helps him with being perceived as a father figure to Elena and Bobby.

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