‘The Bachelor’ Episode 9 Review: Taking the ‘Fantasy’ Out of ‘Fantasy Suites’

The Bachelor has done its due diligence in finding a way to separate this season from seasons past. Whether that’s the cattiness of the contestants or the indecisiveness of The Bachelor or the fact that the final three women are forced to room together during Fantasy Suites Week for the first time in the show’s history.

There’s a lot of implications that come with Fantasy Suites Week. No one really knows what goes down in there aside from the Bachelor/ette and the person they are with. Just because they’re behind doors doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sleeping together. Take it from former Bachelor Nick Viall, who said that he only slept with his eventual winner Vanessa during Fantasy Suites Week.

On this season’s Fantasy Suites Week, The Bachelor seemed to insinuate that every Fantasy Suite has intimacy. Well, of course, it doesn’t help that Peter is known as the guy that fucked four times in a windmill on The Bachelorette last season.

Madison was the main focus — hey, there’s a first time for everything — this week, where she voiced her truth about possibly not being able to move forward with Peter if he slept with the other women. And it led to one of the most honest conversations on the show.

Let’s break down The Bachelor‘s Fantasy Suites Week, and the implications heading into next week.


I’d like to start off by saying how fucking proud I am of Madison for voicing her truth, her beliefs, and her expectations in a setting where it’s hard for some — the audience — to understand why she’s doing just that.

At the end of the last rose ceremony, Madison made it clear to Peter that there was a chance he could lose her if he was intimate with the other women. So, naturally, Peter is intimate with them. Come on, we know the only reason Victoria is still around is so that Peter could sleep with her. He’s been counting the days until this moment.

But Madison was honest with Peter about how she was feeling, and he still made the decision to sleep with at least Victoria and risk losing Madison over some physical attraction.

The dinner conversation between Madison and Peter was so important in how it showed how real this thing is for these very real people. Madison says she shouldn’t feel bad for having her beliefs and not wanting to compromise them, and I agree 100 percent. Why should she change her values just because she’s fallen in love on a reality TV show? She shouldn’t.

While I also agree that Peter has a right to make his own decisions, he knew that there was a chance he could love Madison if he was intimate with Hannah Ann and/or Victoria. Yet, he chose to. So, he needs to deal with the consequences. Whether that’s Madison walking away from him or her choosing, out of the kindness and love in her heart, to forgive him.

Also, don’t give me crap about how Madison should’ve known what she was signing up. That doesn’t matter for those people on the show. Not when they’re developing real feelings for someone in such a quick and uncomfortable setting. This is real fucking life for them.

When Madison was talking about the day she’d find the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with, how she’d give him all of her — mind, body, and soul — I felt that. This is fucking real for her. This isn’t a way to become an influencer, like it has felt for a majority of these women — including Hannah Ann and Victoria.

Madison also made a fucking good point when she talked about possibly, in two weeks, Peter getting down on one knee to propose to her. How could she possibly say yes to an engagement just days after he slept with another woman — or women? Why aren’t we talking about how insane that notion is?

Just because we, as an audience, have these perceptions of what’s supposed to happen on The Bachelor doesn’t make it acceptable. And it doesn’t make it something that these women are okay with. Only the difference between Madison and, say, Hannah Ann, is that one decided to be up front about her feelings and the other catered her view to appease Peter. And we all know where Madison stands.

I remain convinced that Madison is going to leave the show — during the final 2 — and Peter is going to go after her. But even that’s not a guarantee that she’s going to take him back after he blatantly went against her feelings.

All I know is that this was the kind of drama that The Bachelor should produce — real-life drama, a glimpse at the kind of conversations that are had in relationships. Yes, it’s public for millions of people to see. But it’s been the realest part of this entire season.

Hannah Ann

This episode marked the second straight time The Bachelor has led off with Hannah Ann. Hometowns started with Hannah Ann, and she also got the first date of Fantasy Suites Week. And it’s easy to see why. She’s safe, she’s reliable, and she’s someone that Peter can depend on when leading off.

It was made apparent that Hannah Ann is the easy choice here for Peter. She told him she loved him, she has no doubts, and Peter fears for this thing not working out. Whereas with Madison, there’s less certainty.

What has Peter said from the beginning — especially last week? He wants assurance that this is going to work. That it’s not going to blow up in his face like it did with Hannah B. In a way, Peter is still so stuck on the fact that Hannah B. didn’t make the right decisions, and she ended up with no one.

That’s a fucking real fear for Peter, and he does a horrible way of hiding it. That’s why last week, he was so happy that someone was in love with him. Because, at least if no one else got there, there was one person that did. Oh, and he never said the words, “I was so glad to hear Hannah Ann tell me that.” Peter was just happy “someone” (his word, not mine) was in love with him.

Peter has been about positive affirmations this season, and Hannah Ann has finally caught on. For a girl that had never been in love before, she seems quite confident that she’s in love with Peter after two and a half months.

Hannah Ann was telling Peter everything he wanted to hear. She was telling him that while it was going to be hard knowing he was in this week with two other women, she respected his decision to do what he needed to do.

I’m sorry, but Hannah Ann totally just told Peter to go sleep with the other two. Why? Because that’s what she thinks he wanted her to say. But that doesn’t mean it’s what she really believes. She’s in this to win it.

Peter is definitely into Hannah Ann, but you can’t convince me he’s into her more than Madison. Like Madison said, actions speak louder than words. And Peter has shown us that he cares more Madison through his actions. Even if it’s the harder path.


I don’t know about you, but I felt like I spent the entirety of Victoria’s date rolling my eyes and waiting for the whole thing to be over. Yes, yes, there’s no denying the connection between Peter and Victoria. But at this point, we’re all aware that it’s purely physical.

I’m sorry, but the only reason Peter has been putting up with her shit for so long is because he wanted to sleep with her. So everything was leading to this moment with him. He already knew she was going home after this week. (Even though we didn’t see a rose ceremony, I think it’s obvious that the final two are going to be Madison and Hannah Ann.)

It didn’t take long for Victoria, who has openly lied, manipulated, and broken up relationships, to begin making excuses for her piss poor behavior. It’s no secret that every one of Peter and Victoria’s dates have ended in a fucking disaster, as always started by Victoria. So it was only a matter of time before that happened here, right?

Peter continued to insist that he didn’t want easy, he wanted something a little complicated. (Sorry, Hannah Ann, I guess that means you’re out.) Only, at this point, it’s fair to assume he’s talking about sex and sex alone.

During the dinner portion, Victoria continued to whine about her imperfections and not feeling good about herself, and I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes. The act only works when someone believes it. And, honestly, the only person that believes it at this point is Peter. America is judging you, Victoria.

But Peter and Victoria both ultimately got what they wanted: They got to bone in a fancy-ass penthouse in Australia. It’s no windmill, but that was always going to be hard to top.

Other Thoughts

  • Let’s get one thing clear, Madison wasn’t giving Peter an ultimatum after the rose ceremony. She was being honest about her ability to continue on in the relationship. So stop using that word.
  • No, Peter, you aren’t just dating Madison. But after this, hopefully, you’ll only be dating one of them. It’s best to remember that.
  • So these three women are rooming together for the first time in Bachelor history at fantasy suites week? Good God.
  • Peter’s Australian accent doesn’t exactly do the trick for me.
  • So Hannah Ann basically told Peter, “Happy sex with the other girls” and he’s totally into it. What else do you expect from Captain Windmill?
  • Peter keeps talking about how easy things are with Hannah Ann — but is she really who you want?
  • Just waiting for Victoria’s impending breakdown on her date with Peter.
  • Aaaaaaand there it is.
  • Peter to Victoria: “There’s nothing you need to work on at all…”
  • Peter thinks communication is overrated.
  • Victoria thinks communication might be the most important part of a relationship.
  • And there are the tears. Never fails with Victoria.
  • Peter doesn’t want easy, he wants CRAZY. But not TOO CRAZY.
  • The Morning After: Peter looks so over Victoria. He got to fuck her, now he can move on.
  • I’m sorry, but there’s no way in hell I’d ever agree to climb that 90-story building overlooking Australia.
  • Did anyone else have mad anxiety watching on TV? Because I was starting to hyperventilate.
  • In case I ever decide to go on The Bachelor, producers, I’m not actually afraid of heights. (So please don’t pick a heights date.)
  • I’m sorry, but Peter said he’s never felt better in his life than when he’s with Madison, and my heart soared — even despite the sinking feeling that Madison deserves better than him.
  • The whole conversation with Peter and Madison at dinner was definitely awkward but so important for their relationship. And a reminder that this show is REAL for these people, even if it’s not for us.
  • Madison insists that, while it’s been hard, Peter is worth fighting for.
  • Peter look absolutely fucking terrified when he thought Madison was going to leave.
  • You cannot convince me he isn’t all-in on Madison after this. After realizing that, yes, he can lose her. But he can’t lose her.
  • There’s no rose ceremony, but I’m pretty sure we all know Victoria is going home.
  • NEXT UP: Women Tell All and the Attack of the Future Influencers.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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