‘Grown-ish’ 3×07 Review: “Doin’ the Most”

Well guys, we are almost at the finish line of the spring season of Grown-ish season 3, which wraps up next week. Although, I’ve come to expect storylines to not be tied up neatly on this show, I was hoping for some closure, at least this week, but I was sorely disappointed. Not only did we barely catch a glimpse of Nomi, Face timing Zoey, but we still have no reconciliation between Zoey and Aaron.

We did get more friendship goals between Zoey and Jillian and the twins, Sky and Jazz got some much needed storylines. Questions still abounded though like where the hell is Vivek? He’s been M.I.A. for the last two episodes, and why is Ana a young Cuban Republican? The world may never know, so lets dive into this weeks episode of Grown-ish “Doin’ the Most”

Sky v Jazz v Track and Field

Uh-Oh, there is trouble in twin paradise because unfortunately Jazz has been neglecting her obligations to track and field, which pay for her tuition and books; in favor of her man Doug, who she is sleeping with on a nightly basis.

I was just as mad at her as her sister Sky was. Don’t bring your ass to practice late three days in a row! Damn her! Bitch we are in college because of this, we came here together and we should finish together! Jazz is having a rough time right now balancing her relationship goals and her scholarship goals.

I know Jazz is young and right now her relationship with Doug feels permanent and more important than anything else, but guess what? He’s not, it’s not. Sky will always be there for her and have her back, even when she’s fucking up both of their academic rides.

I am so glad the writers reminded viewers Jazz and Sky have it the hardest out of the friend group. There parents cannot afford to pay for school, they are on nothing but a scholarship and they hustle to make ends meet even with that. I knew lots of girls like them in college and it is very hard to know everyone and everything is depending on you to do well and succeed. There is no backup plan.

I really liked this storyline, especially when Sky finally asks Jazz the question we’ve all been wondering, “Do you still love track with your whole heart?” Maybe it is time for her to find her own path and that’s okay if its not in track and field with her sister.

Young Republicans

Ana has a new “boyfriend,” Javier, and I say that loosely because, I know Ana is into him, I just don’t know if I completely trust that he won’t break her heart. Aaron thinks he’s kind of douche but like he counters that with “All Republicans are sooo….” It was very funny and very Aaron. The banter between Ana and Aaron is always on point even when they are fighting.

Javier seems a lot older than Ana, and honestly this was B-plot so I don’t even know that I care. The writers needed someone for Ana to be with, who was more her speed politically and culturally, I get it, but this Guy?!! I’m with Aaron on this one. Nexxxxxt!

Also Ana! Come on girl! What the actual fuck is going on in your head right now. You cannot be this jaded by politics and religion, there is no possible way they wrote your character like this, except every damn week you find another way to piss me off, so I guess they did.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Let me be clear, I am not team #zuca or anything but you gotta admit these two could be a great fashion team if they could put aside any pettiness that still lingers between them. Zoey is the consultant and Luca is the designer, it could really work, one day.

Zoey still has a killer job working for Joey BadA$$ and her latest job is going to be taking her to Las Vegas, which, last season she would have totally gone and not given a thought about missing school, but this season Zoey has grown and learned from her past mistakes.


Zoey, you are doing the right thing buy being worried about missing your college midterm, failing again, and having your dad be mad at you. Go home and study, take the damn test with a clear mind, and figure out how your going to be in two places at once!

I felt Zoey’s dilemma ya’ll.

Jillian comes to Zoey’s rescue with the idea of having Luca sub for her at this fashion shoot, since Joey is wearing his designs anyway. Zoey is all for this idea and her only request is that Luca Facetime her with updates. Girl you are a bigger person than me, but honestly her hands were tied, there was no way she could skip her midterm and drive to Vegas. I only hope that Luca doesn’t steal this job away from her.

Grown-ish airs at 8/7c on Freeform.

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