‘The Bachelor’ Episode 10 Review: The Women YELL All

At this point in this The Bachelor season, all I want is the finale. I need this season to end. Well, and I need to see how this all pans out. Because I’ve got my theories, and I need to know for sure this all works out — and working out would mean Peter and Madison ending up together at the end of this.

This episode of The Bachelor served as a rose ceremony and Women Tell All special, and there was drama coming from every angle. Following Peter and Madison’s emotional and honest conversation — after Peter went against Madison’s wishes and got intimate with the other women — he feared that she wouldn’t show up.

After making Peter suffer and wait, Madison showed up alongside Hannah Ann and Victoria, determined to see if love would conquer all. And I guess we’ll see, now that Madison and Hannah Ann are left standing.

Let’s break down Monday’s penultimate week of Peter’s Bachelor journey, which included the second-to-last rose ceremony and the Women Tell All special.

The Rose Ceremony

There was never a doubt in my mind what Peter’s decision was going to be at the rose ceremony. It just all depended on whether or not Madison showed up. And I’ve gotta give my girl credit, she made him wait it out.

You’ve been living under a rock or not watching this show if you can’t see that Peter has the strongest feelings for Madison. You can see it in the way he begged her to stay last week; how he pleaded that he couldn’t lose her; the way you could hear his heart pounding out of his chest when he gave Madison a rose heading into the finale, sheer relief pounding through him.

Peter’s final two make a ton of sense. Hannah Ann is the safe choice, the person that says the things that he wants to hear. Of course he could see a life with her afterward. But Madison is the one that clearly has his heart. It’s harder with her because they’re actually having the conversations that they would have when the show is over — but they’re having them now. And if they can work through this, they can get through anything.

But let’s be real, it’s Madison. It’s always been Madison. And try as Chris Harrison might — with this whole, no one will see this ending coming — there’s no way that Peter doesn’t pick Madison. The only question becomes, will Madison choose Peter?

In Defense of Kelsey

As a viewer this season, I’ve had a rocky relationship with Kelsey. She came off as ridiculous in Champagne Gate — look, I completely understand the feeling of wanting to go off on someone that stole your precious booze. If someone went after my Crown, I’d cut a bitch. Then I started to warm up to her on her first one-on-one.

But then again, she started getting into it with Tammy, and I just saw someone caught up in all the drama while I was over in my corner praying for more of Madison and Kelley, the girls that stayed far away from the drama.

But there was no denying the emotional connection Kelsey had with Peter, almost from the beginning. It helps that Peter is emotional himself, and he responds to crying as affirmation. So it did break my heart to watch Kelsey open herself up and then get her heart broken before Fantasy Suites.

If there was anyone that won the Women Tell All, it was Kelsey. She owned up to her mishaps — her overreaction with Champagne Gate, not being completely sober when Tammy called her an alcoholic, taking pride in being emotional — and it endeared her to me.

And when Peter came out to address the women, Kelsey remained strong and elegant. She thanked Peter for teaching her about herself and what she wants out of a man that she’ll date. And you left that special wanting Kelsey to find that.

Honestly, if Clare hadn’t been named the new Bachelorette, I might be calling for Kelsey right about now.

Cry Me A River, Victoria

I have to give it to Victoria F., girl came to play. Not necessarily for The Bachelorette, but she wanted redemption. She wanted to shy away from her past and establish herself as an influencer moving forward.

The difference between Kelsey and Victoria F. was that Kelsey was able to come off as redeemable while Victoria F. continued to blame everyone but herself.

Honestly, I was surprised by the way The Bachelor dealt with Victoria F. in this episode. They practically made her out to be a saint. To be the victim, which is what she had done the entire season.

When Victoria was called up to the hot seat, naturally conversation drifted to the accusations made against her. Accusations where she had broken up several relationships, and she of course denied it all. Even though there is evidence out there that she is indeed a homewrecker.

Victoria F. tried to play up the emotional card — crying on cue as she’d perfected on Peter’s season — but it didn’t work. Not even close. She’s still the same girl that lied and manipulated everyone on the show. The only difference is she had better hair product.

The Most Catty Season Ever

Perhaps Chris Harrison should’ve strayed from his typical “most dramatic season ever” commentary. It should’ve been “most catty season ever.” Because, my God, this Women Tell All special was a reminder of just how terrible this season was merely weeks ago.

Now, I don’t know if that’s true, 100 percent. But it’s certainly not hyperbole when taking into account past seasons, which weren’t nearly as catty as Peter’s season.

Unfortunately, the cattiness took away from getting to know these women better, especially some that were sent packing before we’d even heard them mutter a sentence. Women that seemed to be there for the right reasons.

We went a good three weeks without any serious Madison content — and she’s in the final two — because the Mykenna/Tammy drama; Kelsey/Tammy drama; Sydney/Alayah drama; Alayah/Victoria P. drama. You know a pair of women, and there was drama.

And that was made even more obvious with this Women Tell All special, where it felt like a boxing event and the women were not pulling any punches. It was a reminder that, mercifully, this season is almost over.

Other Thoughts

  • I don’t know if it was the producers or Madison herself, but bless whoever made everyone wait for Madison to arrive. It was fucking grand.
  • Victoria wishing Madison didn’t show up — AKA, the only hope Victoria had left to get a rose.
  • You could literally HEAR Peter’s heart pounding through the microphone after Madison accepted his rose.
  • “Why pay for the milk when the cow is free?” – My mom when Peter dumped Victoria’s ass after sleeping with her.
  • Oh, yay, it’s time for the Women YELL All. I regret nothing.
  • There was a point where all the women were trying to talk at once and I swear my head was pounding to keep time with them.
  • When Chris Harrison tried to put my girl Madison under fire (seriously dude?) the unexpected happened: I realized I like Sydney again. She defended Madison, and I’m fucking here for it.
  • Kelsey’s redemption arc — too bad the new Bachelorette was already chosen.
  • Kelsey will never be able to accept or drink a bottle of champagne again.
  • Why are these girls up here shaming women showing emotion? Get a grip, Scrooges.
  • I dislike Mykenna with all of my heart, but I straight up despise Tammy for being the nasty instigator she is.
  • Savannah being a queen for calling out Victoria P., who continues to bat her eyelashes trying to seem innocent.
  • Alayah, at you admitted you’re obnoxious in real life, too.
  • “We’re all swapping saliva with the same guy, so it is my business.” Well, Tammy isn’t wrong.
  • Victoria F. got up in front of America and continued to deny that she’s a homewrecker. Is anyone really shocked?
  • Sorry, Victoria F., you still don’t have my sympathy.
  • The women went way too easy on Peter.
  • Also, Peter went way too easy on the women after the shit they caused this season.
  • Shit got real when former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay was brought out to give a presentation on the online harassment and hate centered towards this contestants.

The Bachelor two-part finale airs next Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

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