‘Grown-ish’ 3×08 Review: “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number”

Hello Grown-ish fans! It’s time for the spring finale, and I know it seems sudden but don’t worry, because Zoey and her crew will be back in July. A lot went down in this episode and not all of it great, I mean most of it was subpar. That being said, Zoey and Aaron shared another goodbye kiss, Ana and her boo actually looked cute together and the biggest bombshell of all was Zoey’s decision to quit/dropout of college. I mean,why tho? I have so many thoughts/rants on her decision and the repercussions she might face. Read on for my review of Grown-ish “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.”

Happy 21st Birthday Zoey

I am all for Zoey and Aaron. 100% love them together, I’d like to see them in an actual working relationship, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for July. Right now, Aaron keeps kissing Zoey goodbye as she fly’s off to some exotic location. I’m over it. Also I’m over Zoey and her rash decision making skills. Seriously, you just wasted your parents hard earned money, please tell me you have a back up plan, because Joey BadA$$ cannot be your only fallback plan.

Aaron is always by Zoey’s side even though she messes up like 99.99999999 percent of the time, he supports her. Good for him. He’s a good friend and boyfriend if she ever decides to keep him.

At least Zoey’s friends tried to talk some sense into her, even Nomi tells Zoey not to leave school. Nomi should be your cautionary tale Zoey! Nomi is your bestfriend, who got pregnant and was forced to temporarily quit school. You think Nomi is happy about her decisions? We don’t even get her full advice because she goes into labor while on the phone with Zoey.

Damn it Nomi! Just when the conversation was getting good, your baby wants out of your womb. But I do hope you have a safe delivery and the baby is healthy, even though I have no idea what your next steps will be. Xo.

I get that Zoey’s never been “great” at school. I get that. I also understand her desire to make her way in the world at something she is actually good at. I applaud her for making her own money and paying her own bills for once. However, to pretend that she is not going to struggle or doesn’t need a degree in something she is good at would be a falsehood. Come on Grown-ish writers, do better.

At Your Best You Are Love

While Zoey was off pondering her life goals, the rest of the gang was living their best life at her 90’s themed B-Day bash. I was all about it too, I came of age during this decade and I remember it, although not always fondly. I needed this lighter mood after Zoey’s shenanigan’s, I loved the Pulp Fiction costumes that were Ana, Viveck and Aaron. Aaron even showed up with a cheeseburger! Loved it! I hated Sky’s Lil Kim costume, but only because I expected more from her and that awful wig. However, her boyfriend Rodney came in looking like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and basically upstaged her.

Luca and Jillian channeled Britney and Justin’s denim look of the MTV Music Awards, they actually looked very cute. Jazz most definitely took home the prize for best costume with her Janet Jackson, Poetic Justice look. I know your probably thinking Zoey should have won because she looked exactly like Aaliyah, but I’m over Zoey right now, and I’m on the fence about Aaliyah too. Seasons change. Don’t hate me. The R. Kelly documentary left a very bad taste in my mouth, that still has me shook.

In the nights B-storyline, which honestly was more like a brief conversation, we finally get Jazz’s decision about track and her relationship. Jazz chose track for now, and asked Doug if he would wait for her. I shook my head, because by this time every other person on this show had pissed me off in some way or another.

I screamed at Jazz, girl, you guys go to the same school its not like he won’t see you! You basically live together too! If he played football would you be waiting for him on the sidelines? Why should the standards be any different for you? Get your education, and focus on keeping your scholarship, because Doug is not paying for your education.

I’m over these children ya’ll. Over them!

See you all back here in July for the summer session of Grown-ish.

Grown-ish airs at 8/7C on Freeform.

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