‘Manifest’ 2×09: WTF Is Actually Happening

Make it stop.

I will never – for the life of me – understand what it is that made NBC cancel Timeless, but keep the shit show that is Manifest on the air. Maybe someone missed Lost or felt like they weren’t getting enough religion in their life.

Then again someone probably had ESP and knew I’d have to cover this shit and said, lets make her life miserable.

Hey, it’s a viable option to me.

The truth is in this weeks episode, even I was a little sea sick, bored, and ya, totally saw a lot of shit coming.

The reality is what Manifest lacks is the ability to not become obvious, but also to not overact a situation, causing the viewer to become less and less interested.

This week though – we got a lot of information and a lot of it is confusing. But a lot of it is making me wonder if it would be easier to just read the bible.


So Cal’s had a calling. He’s seen something in his dream and he knows that he needs to recreate it. He’s adamant about it – but he doesn’t know what he needs to make. His parents are trying to help, but since Cal can’t communicate it – they can’t help him.

Like I love Cal and I think that this poor kid has been through a lot. He keeps going through it.

The callings are like God talking to them, but they are also some fucked up shit. Everyone thinks that the callings are good, and sure, they do a lot of good. But the thing is that with everything that happens, there is a reaction. There is shit that is going to happen when you change destiny. And I know that the journal says that too, but you would think with all of the logic that these people are supposed to possess – they would know that.

We learn that in like Sunday school.

Ben has Olive and TJ looking for answers in the journal, as everyone else tries to help Cal. They all think that there is a huge storm that is going on outside – but Olive has to tell them that they are all hearing stuff, that there is no storm outside.

That it’s a nice day.

Oh yes, that storm is a calling. Is everything in life a calling? On this show – YES.

So the journal said that everyone on the ship went mad on the ship and Ben realizes that’s what is happening in the house. So he looks through the journal and he sees a ship and the “spiderwebs” that Cal has been talking about.

He asks TJ if he sees them and he does. They finally know what to build. They need to make the calling stop.

When they build what they are supposed to they are transported to the ship. Grace, TJ, Cal, and Ben are all there and they see the silver dragon in the sky. That silver dragon that old dudes journal had referenced was flight 828.

MANIFEST — “Airplane Bottles” Episode 209 — Pictured: Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

How the fuck did flight 828 go back in time? Who knows? NONE OF US.

Look, I love a good mystery, but I also am over being preached to me about religion. I don’t need to feel like I have to learn a biblical lesson at every single turn.

I don’t have a clue what is happening, but I also know that I just don’t care.


Meanwhile, Michaela is having a not so great day. But again – the bitch in me is going to have to say she never does. Like I want to be kind to her, but SHE LEGIT ALWAYS HAS ISSUES.

Now, I get that her issue has a lot to do with Jared, but we all know that he’s a slime bucket and we can’t trust him.

Michaela has turned him in and the Captain is in on it. Jared is involved with the X’ers and sure, I think that he’s doing it to try to protect Michaela, but I still hate him – because he knows what he is doing and he’s let that family suffer.

And in order to protect himself – he’s letting Michaela go through the ringer. She’s being interviewed with IA and the thing is she’s being hung out to dry. He knows it too and I will give him credit that he wants to protect her, but he’s doing a shitty job at just being a human being.

Remember those case files that he stole and handed over to the leader of the X’ers? Well that shit is now coming to smack Michaela in the face, because she’s being called out for everything that has happened over the course of her career return to the city.

How the hell is she supposed to explain these callings?

She calls in her rep – her union rep – which what do you know – it’s an X’er. He acts as though he’s protecting her, but he’s setting her up to be able to take her out of the precinct and take care of her.

See, Jared went to the college and talked to the head of the X’ers and he said that if it came down to it – they would take care of Michaela. When Jared recognizes that the union rep is an X’er, he arrests Michaela for the fire at the club.

Michaela is livid.

Which can we blame her? No. Why? Because she has every reason to be pissed. He’s arresting her, he’s betrayed her, and he tells her that he’s saving her life, but like her – I buy jack shit that he’s saying.

MANIFEST — “Airplane Bottles” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Garrett Wareing as TJ Morrison, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Jack Messina as Cal Stone, Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)


Saanvi. She’s always going at full speed and I admire that she wants to help everyone, but who is helping her.

Zeke goes in to get the help that he needs, as you know – he’s apparently freezing to death.

He notices that Saanvi is not doing well and he gets her ex to help her. Saanvi has created a bigger issue by trying to get rid of the callings. She doesn’t realize it and she IS LOOSING HER MIND.

I think that Saanvi’s want to protect everyone is admirable, but her complete disregard for herself is gonna be a bunch of damn issues.


Manifest should learn to clear up story lines and wrap shit up sometimes instead of acting like it doesn’t happen. Vance? The Major?

Manifest airs Mondays on NBC.

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