‘The Bachelor’ Finale, Part 2 Review: For Pete’s Sake

I’ve never been more relieved for a season of The Bachelor to be over. And for more reasons than one. But after watching the absolute shit-show that was The Bachelor‘s two-night finale, it was made clear that this franchise would’ve been better off without Peter as The Bachelor.

Good lord, we could’ve had Tyler C. or Mike.

Considering there was a lot that transpired in this two-hour finale, it felt more like five hours, especially everything that happened after Peter got engaged to Hannah Ann.

Oh, but it was just the beginning. And the true villain of the show — spoiler alert, it wasn’t Peter — was revealed.

Let’s discuss this finale of what was a shit-show of a season of The Bachelor:

At Least Peter Didn’t Settle

Peter’s heart has always been Madison’s.

Look, it would be nice to want the easy way out. To not have to deal with drama or roadblocks in life. But that’s not how it works. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

And yet, that’s what Peter’s family had tried to convince him was best. To choose the easy way. To choose Hannah Ann.

Even after Madison self-eliminated in the first part of this finale, it was clear Peter wasn’t over it. Yet, his family’s voices remained in his head and essentially convinced him to try and make it work with Hannah Ann.

He kept telling himself that he loved her, that his heart chose her, and that this was going to work. Only, we know that it didn’t. His heart was with Madison, and Hannah Ann had to suffer the consequences — at the expense of his mother.

While Peter might’ve been happier at the After The Final Rose had he stuck it out with Hannah Ann, the simple fact of the matter is that it’s not what his heart wanted. His heart wanted Madison. It’s as simple as that.

So, at the very least, at least Peter didn’t settle…and give his bitch of a mother the satisfaction.

Barb is #Canceled

Will the real villain please stand up? AND SHUT UP.

In a season full of terrible women, in a shocking turn of events, Barb was the worst of them all. So the Alayah’s, the Victoria’s (P & F), the Sydney’s, rest easy. You won’t be who everyone is talking about being a bitch for the foreseeable future.

There’s no one that understands a loving and protective mother like I do, but my mom would never treat the man I loved the way Barb treated Madison — especially on live television. And, if she did, there’s no way in hell that I would put up with that shit.

I didn’t even realize what was happening until Barb was coming after Madison on live fucking television. Trying to paint her as this terrible person, which she’s not. Trying to make herself seem like the victim, which she’s not. Trying, one last time, to convince Peter that she isn’t the woman for him, which she didn’t.

The exchange that happened, I don’t even remember detail by detail. All I remember is that it was horrific and unforgivable. I don’t know how Peter doesn’t call them out, privately, for how they treated Madison and how they embarrassed him.

It was disgusting in every sense of the word. Barb proved that she was the true villain of the season. Even watching her in the audience rolling her eyes or shooting death stares every time Madison or Peter/Madison were on screen. Or how she basically told her husband to echo her sentiments about Madison on live TV.

Barb is a controlling, manipulative woman who I never want to see on my screen ever again — unless it’s watching her reaction if Peter ever proposed to Madison. She might have a fucking heart attack.

God, just imagine how Madison’s family feels. I’m ready to attack Barb in defense of Madison. But imagine what her father and mother would do. Good lord. I know violence isn’t the answer, but maybe just once would be okay.

Honestly, I feel like Barb hating Madison had everything to do with the fact that Peter truly loves her and would threaten to usurp Barb as Peter’s No. 1 girl. It was obvious from the first episode that Peter and Madison were the superior relationship. There was something about when Peter was with Madison that told you they were going to end up together. They had the passion that could, as Peter said, light a million Chilean suns.

Given there was no romantic chemistry between Peter and Hannah Ann, it was easy for Barb to root for them because she knew it wouldn’t work out. Hannah Ann was cute — and her and Peter had a chemistry — but it was more a friendship than anything. Although, for Hannah Ann’s sake, I’m glad she got out of that. Imagine having to deal with Barb.

Oh, and the fact that Barb could manipulate Hannah Ann. Madison stands her ground — as she did tonight — and Barb couldn’t handle it.

I just hope, for Pete’s sake, that he can finally get some clarity about how overbearing his mother and family have been in his life. They might end up ruining any potential relationship with Madison, but maybe he can spring free to prevent that from ever happening again.

To quote Peter, “I love this women, and that should be enough.” It really should, Barb.

Madison Is More Mature Than An Old Mother Of 2

Madison handled herself with such grace even as Barb was trying to get her to snap.

Perhaps more satisfying than watching Barb squirm in her seat as Peter dumped Hannah Ann and followed his heart with Madison was watching Madison handle herself like a FUCKING QUEEN.

Madison’s character was called into question by Barb, who’s clearly not a trustworthy source, and she bit her tongue with grace. She didn’t lash out like Barb wanted her to. She stood firm, stood up for herself and continued to fight for Peter’s love even as his family disrespected her.

Like I mentioned before, Madison might be sweet, but she’s not going to take any shit. From anyone. Even from the mother of a man she loves. Madison’s handled herself with class the entire time — and proved that she’s more mature and graceful than that old woman with two kids and a puppeteer of a husband.

Trust me, I want nothing more than for Madison to get the fuck away from that family and that Monster In Law. But if she really loves Peter, I hope they give it a fair chance — away from his stupid family.

Hannah Ann

Get out, LEAVE, right now, it’s the end of you and me…

Part of me is really angry at Barb — for multiple reasons — but also for how she was responsible for Hannah Ann’s heartache in multiple ways. First, Barb convinced Peter to propose to Hannah Ann even though he still clearly loved Madison. Second, Barb’s insane antics took away from the empowering moment Hannah Ann had in her breakup with Peter.

We need to talk about Hannah Ann, who was this quiet, trouble-free girl/woman this season. But when we saw her after her engagement to Peter, something was off. Hannah Ann knew something was off. And when Peter essentially told her that his heart was still torn — that he was in love with Madison — Hannah Ann handled it with grace.

Hannah Ann put Peter in his place in what was the most satisfying part of Peter’s miserable season. Essentially, she told Peter that he had to man up before he ever had a chance with a woman.


Hannah Ann basically confirmed that Peter had done some not-so-trustworthy stuff since they’d been engaged. Not only had he failed to mention that Madison left on her own, but Peter was in love with Madison and reached out to Hannah Brown while they were engaged.


“Words are powerful, Peter,” Hannah Ann said. “Either you don’t mean what you say or you don’t understand the weight of your words and how they impact people so which one is it.”

Honestly, he doesn’t understand. And it’s why he’s still single. (Unless Madison takes pity on him.)

The New Bachelorette

I don’t know who’s more ready for Clare’s season, me or Clare.

It was surprising that we got see Clare for even five minutes following the insanity that transpired with Peter, Madison and Barb. And yet, we met our new Bachelorette, who is 38 years young and ready to find love!

While I’m sure we were supposed to meet some of her men tonight, that didn’t happen thanks to Barb’s antics. God, did you see how Barb was talking and smiling at Clare when all was said and done? What a piece of trash Barb is.

All I know is that after this torturous season that was Peter’s Bachelor season, I’m ready for Clare’s Bachelorette season. Well, after a short break. And then Listen to Your Heart. This franchise really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Clare is no stranger to The Bachelor franchise, as she’s appeared on The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Winter Games. Hopefully fourth time’s the charm for Clare.

The Bachelorette premieres May 18 on ABC.

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