‘Deputy’ 1×10: “School Ties”

Deputy has finally found its footing. Well like half a foot and a small toe. Sure, it’s getting there and I do believe that it’s a show that is worth finding both feet on the ground.

The way that needs to happen is a stronger writing staff and character development that is actually development. That an it needs to stop having the Catherine Hardwicke syndrome of shaky filming.

But with every single episode, it’s finding its strength. This one is no exception.

But that also being said, it needs to stop playing into stereotypes and actually feel relatable to the real world.

DEPUTY: L-R: Danielle Mone Truitt and Shane Paul McGhie in the “10-8: School Ties” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX.


I don’t like Charlie. I have made no secret of that. She’s a snitch, she betrays people and she doesn’t know how to speak openly and honestly.

But finding that she’s a mentor to people less fortunate makes me respect her. Even though she’s a shitty person.

Her mentee has stolen a backpack full of cash from a gang member and this man likes to shoot at things. She’s able to duck shots, which props girl. I woulda shit myself.

Charlie goes to Isabelle’s hosue with Joseph to look for her. The girl – Tina – shows up and they go looking through Isabelle’s room and find the phone. Charlie is trying to talk to Joseph about how great she is.

And he doesn’t miss the opportunity to flirt. Yes, that may not have been his intention, but that’s the way that they come across.

Now let me say this now – I AM AGAINST THIS. Why? Because Charlie betrayed Bill and that is Joseph’s family. You don’t do that to family.

The one thing I can say kindly about Charlie in this is that she’s so into saving this girl and that makes me want to support her. Even though I don’t like her at all.

DEPUTY: Brian Van Holt in the “10-8: School Ties” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX.


Cade is a good man. He’s probably one of the strongest – actually the strongest character on this show. He’s this man of strength, but also of vulnerability and wisdom.

And he has a heart of gold.

Roberto and his sister need to go spend time with their grandmother and they don’t want to go. Cade and his wife have built a family that they need and love and I love it.

They find out later that the kids will be seeing Grandma all the time and it scares them even more.

Cade and his wife want to be good parents. I want them to have Roberto and Camilla because they have given these kids a life that for the first time ever – they feel secure.

I am afraid of what is going to happen.

I don’t want things to change.

I want this family.

But back to the episode…

DEPUTY: Shane Paul McGhie in the “10-8: School Ties” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX.


Cade goes to work and he immediately runs into Bishop. They want to talk to Cade about being non-binary, but Cade says that he has it. And if anyone gives trouble – they should come to him. Cade has Bishop’s back.

I don’t know how Bishop – or anyone for that matter – is so technoloigcally smart – but then again – it’s cause I am an idiot.

Charlie and Joseph have brought the burner phone in.

She’s able to find who the burner is from immediately and they find that Isabelle has stolen the bag from some people way up in the gang.

Cade takes her to meet a guy in the inside who may know what is going on and turns out that Isabelle stole from an enforcer. She’s fucked and Charlie knows it. But Charlie just wants to help her, so she gets Bill involved.

Bill and Cade are casing out the place and he talks with Cade about what happened with Maggie and the boy that came over.

Bill wants to be a good Dad and I can respect that. But part of being a good parent is knowing when to hang on and when to let go. I think it’s a hard line to draw because you also want to protect your kid from hurt.

DEPUTY: Stephen Dorff in the “10-8: School Ties” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX.


Isabelle gets seen – entering a library. The enforcer tells everyone to meet him there.

Isabelle went to the library that she studies at every week and Charlie figures it out. The enforcer follows her in and Isabelle keeps on the move.

But he finds her and comes after her.

Charlie and Joesph show up and get everyone to move behind the counter.

Now let me take a second to remind everyone that theft is wrong. It’s nothing any of us should do. Isabelle is learning that lesson really fucking quick.

Enforcements show up at the library with more ammo and I am just wondering why people have to make me never want to me to go to a library again.

Bill and Cade get made in the parking lot and here’s a perfect example of why I call this Walker, Texas Ranger LA. Why? Because Bill comes out with like an old fashioned gun (I don’t know gun types – get off me for my stupidity).

Charlie and Joseph make it to Izzy just in time, before she does something that she will regret and kill the man.

Again – I will have respect for Charlie for doing better for others. And maybe what she needed was for one of her kids to need her so that she could learn about integrity.

Because she’s lost hers.


I love a Dad talk. As a teenage girl I would have torn my Dad to shreds for embarassing me infront of the guy I liked.

That aside – Bill is at work and if you remember the police officer that got arrested prior for running the gang and all that – she doesn’t want to prosecute. Bill, he doesn’t give a fuck who you are – he will come for you and he will set you straight.

The DA announces that she’s running for sheriff. That kinda backhanded shit – where you put Bill on blast and try to play him – please. Bitch, he will come for you with his whit and wisdom.

How many fucks does Bill give?

The correct answer when it comes to politicians is none.

I will clap though that even Jerry stood up to her and told her to fall in line. He wants to work with her to remove Hollister, but she’s fine on her own. I mean after all, the future is female.

For Bill, I think there will always be a pull between his family and the job. He is a family man first and I love that.

Big shocker – here comes Bill on a horse trying to bond with his daughter. They have a touching talk that I don’t think my Dad would ever want to have, but the reality is that every Dad is different.

I think that Bill wants to trust Charlie and that’s why he gives her a promotion. She feels guilty as fuck – and she should. Her integrity is out the window.

She makes excuses for turning it down- says that it’s because she wants to finish training Joseph, but I think it’s cause she’s guilty as fuck for being a shitty person.

Charlie made some bad choices, and I get that. But if she wants her integrity back and to be worthy of things – she needs to be honest with Bill. And I think that she tries to get it back, but she should have never let her integrity fly out the window anyways.

Charlie is trying to get her shit back together. And I respect that.

But she’s going to have to figure her shit out.

I know that she’s got a lot to teach Joseph, but I don’t trust her.

I just need a few things before the season ends – but most of all I need to know if Bill is running for Sheriff.

Deputy airs on Fox.

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