‘Deputy’ 1×11 Review: “Paperwork”

We have one more episode of Deputy until the season finale, and after this and I have to say I am interested to see how the season ends.

Sure, I give a lot of shows shit, but when one finds its footing with some complexity and finally learns the meaning of character growth.

Though I have to admit sometimes Deputy (Walker Texas Ranger set in LA) confuses me. They aren’t consistent with the way that they put things out and they aren’t consistent with the amount of action.

But lets break it all down.


Roberto and Camilla have been living with Cade and his wife and i think that when it comes down to it – these kids have finally found stability, love, and continue to find themselves.

But with their Grandma coming back in and filing for custody, shit is about to get really complicated.

Bill asks Cade if he’s had any update on Camilla and Roberto, but Cade says that he can only deal with one thing at a time. But the thing is – selfishly – I am pissed he didn’t check – cause I NEED TO KNOW!


I am not the biggest fan of Stephen Dorff’s but I have grown to like him more and more.

But the truth is – what makes me unable to understand Bill – is that he talks about making this big change in the world, but then he gets caught up by being afraid to do the job because he doesn’t want to let his wife and kid down. But Bill doesn’t ever think about the fact that they may be afraid, but they find faith in him.

Ok – so douche bag DA who is running for the Sheriff’s office has decided that they are going to look into the Johnson case, because Bill called the Times about the fact that the DA was going to push it all under the rug.

She’s got nerve and I get it. I understand that she wants to prove herself, but the way that she speaks to Bill will only get him verbally kicking her ass.

But back to Bill – he has a lot on his brain. And when he returns to the office he finds his Dad there and admits that he’s going to run for sheriff.

I love that Bill puts his family first, but I wonder if he sees that they want him to put himself first. But when his daughter calls and she’s freaking out – I think Bill starts to rethink everything.

But for Bill, him being the sheriff is important. He may not see it, but everyone else does. He can make a difference.

Bill needs reassurance because he wants to protect the world. He wants to be there for the people in his world. And there is nothing wrong with that. But he needs to be able to see that the people in his world aren’t weak.

They are strong and they need him to believe in them.

DEPUTY: L-R: Danielle Moné Truitt, guest star Christopher Naoki Lee and Shane Paul McGhie in the “10-8 Paperwork” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 12 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX.


Joseph wants to be a good Deputy, and I can respect that he wants to do his father and Bill proud. But I think that what Joseph forgets is that the person that he is – is good enough.

He’s doing everything that he can to grow, but i will never in my life think that Charlie is the person that can do that for him. Cause I don’t trust her.

The two of them take in the guy that they pulled over and sure – we know that there is something more there. There always is. The guy has a fake ID and Charlie knows that something is wrong.

But so does Joseph. He has a bad feeling about the guy. And I think it’s the first time that we’ve really seen Joseph grow.

But Bill comes to tell Joseph about Johnson and the deal, and Joseph feels pissed. He knows his truth, and I think that he’s a lot like Bill in that sense. Joseph is a strong young man, but he’s also green and when he says he doesn’t need a union rep, I am a little – ok a lot – disappointed in Bill – that he doesn’t tell him that he needs to be smart.

Sure, he says that emotions will get in the way – but when don’t emotions get in the way. But I mean that’s life.

Joseph has great instincts and he knows that the guy he’s arrested is up to something. He knows that following his instincts is what is going to make him a good deputy. He calls Bishop for help, and like the G that they are – Bishop figures out who dude is.

But Bill and Cade find out quickly by putting the pieces together that there is something bigger that is going on. See dude is trying to take ove rthe cocaine game, which means that shits about to go down.

Bill calls Joseph and tells him that help could be coming for the guy – because he’s cartel connected and tells him to move him. Only a guy is already there for him and i wanna know who did the bad police work, because someone smuggled in a gun.

Lord, lord, lord.

Joseph get into holding and finds out tat they have taken Carter as a hostage and gotten free. Joseph seems a little panicky and yet you kinda feel like this is going to be his moment to shine.

Charlie says she’ll secure the amrary and though again, I would like to have some faith in her – well…

They make it outside, where the cartel is there, ready to get their guy.

But BIll is there and seconds later Cade and Bishop show up. Now we quickly get to see that Bishop has training and that they are not one to fuck with. But if you think it’s ever going to be anyone but Bill and Cade riding in for the rescue or to get the bad dude – you would be wrong.

These two are like Walker and Jimmy (and yes, I am making a Walker, Texas Ranger reference here) and they are going to make sure that they get the bad guy.

So bad dude thinking that he’s ever gonna make it away from the Deputy’s – well – lets think better. Bill and Cade are ready and they are going to make sure that they save the people of Los Angeles from crazy ass gangs and drug dealers.

But them shooting on a street filled with people – I don’t for a second see Bill ever putting anyones life in danger like that.

The car with the bad guys overturns and ones dead and ones injured.

Bill makes me laugh when he always removes his glasses with some catch line.

Here’s the thing about Joseph – he knows what is right. He knows that this is where he belongs. But he’s distracted by a need to fit in and a need to know that he’s good at his job.

But the reality is that Joseph is distracted and that’s gonna be his downfall. I worry about that.

DEPUTY: L-R: Shane Paul McGhie and guest star Christopher Naoki Lee in the “10-8 Paperwork” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 12 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX.


Bishop gets say down by the DA and asks if they should have their union rep present. The DA tries to be a little intimidating, but lets be real here.

Bishop isn’t someone to fuck with. And she also isn’t the person that is going to fall for a lot of bullshit. Someone isn’t going to be able to pull a bait and switch you Bishop, because Bishop is smarter than anyone in the room.

The DA is an asshole, but Bishop doesn’t flinch and I admire that. It takes a lot to not flinch when someone is looking, but to back down a little when they aren’t.

The DA wants to prove her balls are bigger than Jerry or Bill’s but I personally don’t feel like she knows shit about anything.

The next person on the DA’s list – Cade. And Cade is the same as Bishop – he’s not backing down to anyones shit either. I think that what the DA is realizing quickly that it’s going to be hard to break anyone in the department.

Joseph impressed me that he’s not backing down either. He calls the DA out for what she is. She’s offering a deal for Johnson because he offered her names and proof of things that she couldn’t get anywhere else.

And that’s when Joseph starts to fail a little. He seems like he’s going to be manipulated a bit but it takes all but two seconds before Joseph reminds us he’s not going to role over either.

In my opinion he’s got a chip on his should, but the reality is I can also see why.

No one in Bills circle is going to let anyone break them. But they all may break themselves if they aren’t careful.

DEPUTY: Stephen Dorff in the “10-8 Paperwork” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 12 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX.


Paula is in surgery – and she should be having a good day, but she’s not. Why? Because she can only think about being held hostage.

I feel for Paula, because she’s always having to take care of everyone else, but no one has really stopped to take care of her. I feel like for Paula, someone is going to have to force her to take care of herself, because she’s so used to taking care of everyone.

But I think it sends a bad message – like someone who is a wife, mom, and doctor – can’t accomplish taking care of themselves. And I think we need to tell people that dealing with their trauma is okay.

Hell it’s more than ok.

Bill checks in on Paula after everything is done – and I am glad she tells him that she had a moment. He worries about her. He loves her. And that’s the one thing that I can give him a ton of credit for.

Because his love for his family is unconditional and focused. He wants to encourage and protect, but the thing is that where he’s unfair with it is that he doesn’t communicate his feelings totally.

Paula tells Bill that she can deal with her PTSD and I am proud of her. But I don’t think that it is that easy.

I want Paula to actually get help for her PTSD. I am worried about it.

DEPUTY: Bex Taylor-Klaus in the “10-8 Paperwork” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 12 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX.


The end of the day comes and Joesph is staring at the evidence – which hey. That boy is always deep in thought.

She pays him a compliment – which I am impressed with because she doesn’t do much of that. But she leaves him to do paperwork and the banter between these two is adorable.

But what I don’t like about these two – is any part of this relationship. Because he doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t know who she is.

He’s doing paperwork when Carter comes in and starts talking about how Joseph showed that he’s the real deal, but in the process Carter showed he’s a piece of shit. Carter isn’t to be trusted.

We’re going back to Joseph being distracted and that is worrisome. When you become distracted – shit can happen.

And with two episodes left who knows.


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