‘Manifest’ 2×10: “Course Deviation”

Maybe it’s the pandemic or maybe it’s that Manifest finally showed some potential. For you know for like 21 minutes of the show. The rest of it – well all of it’s debatable.

And by debatable – I mean this show is still a wanna be lost with no hope of ever doing anything great with itself at this point.

And it’s wearing.

Before you all start coming for me and telling me that I shouldn’t be watching it if I am gonna shit on it – let’s all be honest with each other. I am gonna keep writing about it. Because I liked Season 1 and I thought it was going somewhere.

But now I feel like the writers from some Christian show or movie, someone who wanted to write fairytales, and Josh Dallas missing Once Upon a Time, have all gotten high or bored together, threw ideas in a hat and said fuck it – lets go with it.

And whatever they are on – I’d like to ask if they can share.


Look, I hate Jared. I have made no secret of that. But he’s a douche.

I get that he got involved with the X’ers because of Michaela, but like it’s still all too convenient and the way he put her in danger isn’t acceptable to me. So I don’t give a flying fuck.

Jared has locked Michaela up because of the fire, but he tells her it’s to save her. And it’s true. I mean I am as shocked as you are that he told the truth. The X’ers plan was to get rid of her.

Anyone else hoping that they get rid of the X’ers?

Michaela and Jared have a past and I get that. They speak to each other in a way that few of us will ever understand. But what he tells her is that he’s been working undercover and he’s been doing it for her.

He tells her what hurt the most is that she believed it. Ummm… what the fuck was she supposed to believe? I woulda believed it too.

Look, I get that these two have a past. I get that they are always going to have a relationship that is deep and that they will always relate on a level that we don’t get. But that’s love.

However, do I want these two together? No. There is just a point where you do too much to each other and you have to let it go.

That said, them working together is always a good idea, because they speak a language that no one else understands and they know the truths that no one else can understand.


Jared gets a call that Billy has gone too far this time, so he heads to the bar.

Billy has kidnapped Zeke. Lord, someone kick the shit out of Billy please. He apparently abducted him when they went to Michaela’s apartment after she was released to give her a little welcome home present.

Billy thinks that he’s done this amazing thing – but like that just shows how delusional he is. Jared tells him that they should talk and goes out of the room, expecting him to follow.

He does. Because if there is one thing that we can count on – it’s Billy to do shit that is stupid.

Jared sets everything up to give Michaela all the info as to what is going on through code. Michaela had previously bugged the bar and knew to listen in – cause you know, as one does.

The police head to the bar, waiting for Jared’s sign that it’s okay to enter.

Jared has talked Billy into calling down the head of the X’ers and showing him that they have Zeke. He’s expecting this to end differently – but the head lets his wife talk him into the fact that they should dispose of Zeke and set Michaela up for it.

And everyone is for it. Jared says that he should be the one to do it, because after all – Zeke has ruined his life.

But when he gives Zeke a chance to say his last words, Jared turns the gun on Billy and his friends.

Billy tells him that he will regret it and I am pretty sure that he will.

But Jared made himself a little bit less of a dipshit. SO….


Grace had a calling which led them to a bridge. The Harlem River. But you know living around there, I don’t even go there, but you know to each their own.

Her and Ben go to see what the calling was, when Grace notices that someone is watching them. Ben goes after them and Grace follows. Guess who it is?


Now we all know that Adrian led a cult and that he’s not the first or last person that Ben ever wants to see. Grace falls when coming up to them and Ben doesn’t notice, but Adrian does.

But he doesn’t say a word and to me that says more about Adrian than it does anyone else. He was more concerned about himself.

Adrian doesn’t think that the callings are necessarily a good thing. We’ve always known that. But the talk ends quickly when Grace tells Ben her water broke. It’s way too early for Grace to be delivering a baby.

After they leave you see Adrian taking a man out of the river. He had heard a man screaming for help and he was able to help him and get him to a hospital.

Ben rushes Grace to the hospital and we quickly find out that Grace and the baby need emergency surgery. The baby has to be delivered. The thing is that the surgery that they need is one that no one knows how to do.

Ben has to make the choice between saving his wife or saving his new daughter. When the kids arrive and he sees them with their Mom, he knows he can’t take her away from them.

So he decides against the surgery, after first signing up for it – and I have to wonder – would Grace forgive him? We all know that she said to save the baby first.

But I guess everything happens for a reason and the surgeon that can do the surgery appears. He’s the man that Adrian rescued.

Ben goes out to talk to Adrian and thanks him. But Adrian tells him that he thinks that they are there to be agents of the apocalypse.


  • Adrian seeing the ominous shadows on the wall – what the fuck is this shit?
  • Look – I love Cal, but if he saw these shadows since his first calling – why hasn’t he ever brought them up? Like why isn’t he giving all the clues.

Manifest airs Mondays on NBC.

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