‘Deputy’ 1×12: “10-8 Agency”

It’s a very rare thing that my opinion on television starts to improve. By the time that we reach the third or fourth episode – I pretty much think everything is set in stone and I know what my thoughts are. It is not normal that things get better.

I had given up that Deputy would find a footing that advanced the story and made the characters grow. But the truth is – it did. It found a footing where I stopped despising Stephen Dorff’s acting, felt sick at the storyline, and wished that we could all be saved from the suffering of having to watch this show.

But Deputy FINALLY had an episode that felt cohesive, understandable, and as I was finally involved and felt for the characters.

Granted, I have never waited 12 episodes for that. But I can honestly say that I am at the point where I want Deputy to be renewed, because I am invested in if Bill is going to be Sheriff after running for the office and just what is going to happen with Joseph and Charlie.

But lets break this down.


I get that not everyone is going to be on your side. Jerry wants to be Sheriff and we know this. Riley is a crooked DA who wants to take control (in all fairness she may not be crooked, but I don’t trust).

Jerry offers her the info that Charlie recovered on Bill, if she drops out. Oh Jerry, it is not that easy.

I don’t know what is going to happen to Jerry or how bad this is going to get, but the ruthless way that this all plays out – but I don’t see all three of them surviving.

I am not saying someone is going to die – I am saying I don’t see them all surviving this race.

DEPUTY: Stephen Dorff and Mark Moses in the “10-8 Agency” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC.


The thing about Bill’s family is that they are close and they are there for each other.

I think sometimes we all have a million questions about life and the thing is that we all want to protect the people that we love. Bill wants to protect his family. Bill wants to be there for his family.

But his family has proven that they will be there no matter what. His daughter has found faith in him and wants him to go for whatever he needs to. Bill knows that his daughter needs him, but she knows that she needs him to.

She also knows that the county needs him too.

The way that the Hollister family protects their own. They support each other.

They are pillars of strength.

But what I also love is that Paula found her strength. She needed to take control of her life back and went back to the prison to talk to the person that held her hostage. She went there and took control over her life and I applaud the way that she did.

Bill is running for Sheriff and he’s got family that support him. A department that is better for him.

And I personally have grown to see the way that he can change LA.


I don’t like Charlie.

I know, I know – girl did wrong and she’s trying to be right. But what she did to Bill – giving Jerry some very sensitive information – I can’t forgive or look past.

I also think that Joseph is innocent and he’s trying to grow and he’s going to be a good man. He is a good man. But he’s distracted by the woman that he is around, the woman that challenges him, and the woman that makes him unable to see past himself.

But when he learns about the fact that Charlie betrayed Bill – he won’t be able to forgive that. Bill is his family and he protects his family. Family comes first.

But what is lacking here is that we need to know more about Joseph and his family. That’s where Deputy has severly lagged.


I love a good case. I also love family drama.

Charlie and Joseph respond to a call and have to investigate an intruder and long story short, an old man dies.

Here’s what we know (1) the old man has two kids who think that his wife married him for his money (2) he’s got a creepy old man living in the pool house, and (3) he’s married to a much younger woman.

Bishop follows the money trail and see’s that there are 10,000 dollar payments being wired.

Long story short – the son was sleeping with his stepmama. Charlie and Joseph catch them in the act. Apparently the son talked the girl into marrying his Dad once he was written out of the will.

That bitch has issues. One should have more respect for their vagina.

But the lesson here – you gonna get caught.

DEPUTY: Shane Paul McGhie in the “10-8 Agency” episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, March 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Richard Foreman / FOX. © 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC.


Bishop is a fucking G. Like they see everything.

We know that Bishop is a whistleblower – over what, still unsure – but we know that they moved out of DC because of it. They know how to piece everything together, to see things that no one else does, and to find a way to be able to piece them together.

Bishop picks up on clues and finds out that CI’s are being murdered.

Now do I wish that this was opened up earlier in the season and this is something that we’d been following for awhile? Yes.

But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.


  • Why the fuck did Joseph cover for Carter? He needs to be smarter. His career is not worth that douchebag.
  • Cade remains my favorite and the lengths he will go to in order to protect his kids is amazing. He’s a good man.

The season finale of DEPUTY airs tonight on Fox.

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