The only thing getting me through these tough times is Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron quarantining together

If there’s one thing that’s keeping me sane through social distancing and self-quarantine it’s that Bachelor stars Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are reconnecting through shared quarantine in Florida.

Hannah and Tyler stole my heart — and the hearts of millions — during Hannah’s Bachelorette season. Oh, and they definitely took our breath away.

So when Hannah ultimately chose Jed over Tyler, it broke my heart. When Hannah ended things with a cheating Jed and asked Tyler out on national TV, I thought it was the second chance we were all hoping for.

Only that wasn’t to be. You can’t force it. When it’s right, it’s right. And it finally seems like it’s the right time for Tyler and Hannah.

Especially after the disaster that was Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, where he ended up choosing his overbearing mother Barb over Madison and Hannah Ann.

Honestly, it felt like we deserved a do-over. And many people were holding out for Clare’s season of The Bachelorette. Only, that wasn’t to be after Warner Bros. halted production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thankfully, we got something even better than Peter’s season or even Clare’s season.

We got an unexpected Bachelor spinoff: The Bachelor presents: Quarantine with Hannah B. and Tyler C.

It all started two weeks ago when Hannah visited Tyler in Florida for his mom’s funeral. They were spotted out together at the mall and even stopped by a school.

About a week later, Tyler was seen picking up Hannah from the airport in South Florida, and the video of him putting her luggage into the trunk of his car had people FREAKING.

They were spotted together, along with some of his friends, hanging at the beach. And everyone lost their shit.

Then the Tik Tok videos began…

Meet the Quarantine Crew, which features Tyler, Hannah and Tyler’s friends.

Seriously, it took Tyler and Hannah’s quarantine shenanigans for me to finally make a Tik Tok account. Because there’s no way in hell I’m going to miss this love story unfold. And it’s better than the entirety of Peter’s season of The Bachelor.

This Bachelor story continues to unfold daily, and every new video is a reminder of just how perfect Tyler and Hannah were together.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get the ending that we deserved the first time around — Hannah and Tyler ending up together.

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