‘Chicago Fire’ 8×18 Review: “I’ll Cover You”

Leave it to Chicago Fire to render me an emotional mess. I just want to give my girl Sylvie Brett a major hug. She did not deserve that ending. How cute is her new baby sister though?

I’ve always loved Sylvie Brett, and Chicago Fire‘s “I’ll cover you” made me love her even more. Sylvie Brett is now, and will always be, my favorite girl.

Poor Brett

CHICAGO FIRE — “I’ll Cover You” Episode 818 — Pictured: Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett — (Photo by: Adrian Burrows/NBC)

My heart absolutely broke for Sylvie this episode. She was just getting to know her birth mom, and then she loses her. I never saw that coming. But at least Sylvie now has a baby sister, and a way to remember her birth mom. I just hope that Sylvie is able to stay connected with the baby is some way. Scott was not the most receptive to Sylvie when she first knocked on Julie’s door, so it makes me wonder if he’ll be open to Sylvie having a relationship with the baby. I’m also glad she has Casey to lean on. Those two are a good support system for each other, and I love watching their relationship grow, whether is just as friends or romantically. Sylvie is gonna need him now more than ever.

I have so many questions. Will Julie’s death bring Brett and Casey even closer? Is Sylvie gonna end up raising the baby? And if she does, will Casey help her raise it? So many questions, and I need answers. I know what I want to happen, but I need to KNOW what happens. Hopefully I’ll get my answers soon.

Not a Fan of Seager

Please tell me I’m not the only one who never really liked Wendy Seager. She seemed to be way into Severide, and finding ways to get closer to him. Which is why I questioned her motive for helping Stella with her “Girls on Fire” program. I think Stella was even hesitant about working with her at first. And rightfully so. She seems to be on board with the program though, and really supportive of it. I just wish the writers would stop involving Seager with Kelly and Stella.

I didn’t really like the way Seager was treating Stella this episode. First she told Stella that her approach was too intimidating, and then she makes a whole bunch of fliers for the program and hands them all to Stella to hang up while she goes and works on a case with Severide. I’m sure she just loved that she was able to work with Severide again. But thankfully he has eyes for one girl and one girl only. Stella will always be his girl, and I don’t think there’s anything Seager can do to change that.

A Blast From the Past

CHICAGO FIRE — “I’ll Cover You” Episode 818 — Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey — (Photo by: Adrian Burrows/NBC)

The story line involving a case Casey was on from back in 2004 or so was…interesting. I love that we got to hear about a case that we didn’t get to see on the show. If I was Casey though, I wouldn’t have been so quick to reach out to the Reddit guy. And Casey’s reaction when Cruz told him that he told the guy that he works at Firehouse 51 was priceless. It was pretty funny to how it turned out that he wasn’t really looking for Casey. Leave it to Chicago Fire to give us a little plot twist like that. But at least Casey didn’t get in trouble for yanking that kid’s arm out of its socket, and we got to see a picture of young Casey/Jesse Spencer.

Okay let’s talk about Casey’s hair from that photo. I’ve never seen House, but from the pictures I’ve seen, it definitely looks like Jesse’s hair from back in his House days. And let me just say, he could work those long locks. I love seeing pictures of the cast from years ago. They look so young. That picture was probably one of my favorite things that happened this episode.

Stand Out Scene

I was definitely holding back tears when Sylvie was holding Julie’s baby. My heart broke for her. Somebody give that girl a hug. Watching her hold and snuggle her little sister was just so heartbreaking. She was so happy getting to know her birth mom and becoming a family. I just hate that it ended this way for her.

Why does it seem like every One Chicago pregnancy ends in a tragedy? Whether it’s on Chicago Fire, PD, or Med, almost every time one of the One Chicago women gets pregnant, it never ends well. I just wish for once that a pregnancy on one of these shows would have a happy ending. We deserve to see someone start a family on these shows. There’s nothing we can do to change what’s already happened, but hopefully these kind of endings won’t last forever.

Best Lines

Severide: There’s no such thing as “nice try” in firefighting

Brett: I guess we’ve been having so much fun together. I’m just not sure what’s gonna happen once Scott gets here and the baby comes. I’m not sure how I fit in, you know?

Julie: Sylvie, we’re moving to Chicago to be closer to you. You can knock on our door any time day or night, and I mean that. Preferably night, so you can help put the baby to sleep.

Watch Chicago Fire Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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