‘Deputy’ 1×13: “Bulletproof”

I’ve had an up and down ride with Deputy this season. I loved it, but also had such an issue with it too.

I have felt like I expected so much from it and felt as though there were points where I was let down, points where I expected more, and then also points where I was cheering the show on.

Last weeks episode is where I knew that this show had found its footing and this season finale is where I felt as if it had finally found its strength.

The season finale both made me angry and happy, brought me tears and made me laugh.

And if we’re being honest, it made me want a second season – because some characters found redemption, some found strength, and stories began that made me know one thing for sure – this shows impassioned and beautiful stories have just begun.


We ended the previous episode knowing that CI’s were dying. They were being executed to be made an example of. But the big question was – how were they getting their names.

It made no sense. These are closely guarded secrets and someone was telling who they were.

Over the course of the season, we’ve all gotten to know the CI’s. They are important to the Deputy’s of Los Angeles and enable them to do their jobs.

We quickly find out that Riley has been working with Detective Johnson and that part of the reason that she didn’t want to prosecute him was because he was giving her names. Those names were informants were in her office and were leaked from there.

Johnson said that there was a plant in Riley’s office and that had to be how they had to be the one giving information. Riley, oh Riley – you’ve got all sorts of issues up in your department. Riley of course thinks that she can get rid of the issue and she thinks in that case, that means that she did the good thing.

But she didn’t.

Riley doesn’t realize she is the one who set everything in motion. She made it so that the names could get out, to make a power play,

Riley is so focused on trying to win that she doesn’t realize the position that she’s in. She doesn’t think about anything but trying to be above everyone, but she has oversold herself. She’s over reached her hand and it’s not a good thing.


Of course this happens on the day of Bills daughters quinceanera, and he is not where he’s supposed to be.

Bill’s daughter wants her there. Her Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa are there for her – and that’s great. But girls want their Daddy’s. For every mile stone in a daughters life, a girl wants her Dad. She wants to know that she is taken care of. She wants to make sure that her Dad looks at her with the pride in his eyes that she has always craved.

There is something important about Dads and the moments in our lives. For a lot of girls, they look up to their Dads as their heroes.

She keeps looking around and Bill isn’t there. The last CI on the list – he could be alive and Bill knows that he can find him. He can’t have someone else’s death on his conscious and he also can’t live with himself if he can’t protect them.

I feel for Bill – because Bill is always torn between all of the things in life, trying to make all the right choices and those lines aren’t always crystal clear. But the truth is that Bill makes choices that aren’t easy. He and Cade are the same that way.

I think that Bill made the right choice to make sure that he could protect the people who have put themselves on the line for him. But it comes at a very deep cost because he knows that there are two women that he would put above all and letting them down kills him.

But Bill was able to save his CI and make it to where he was supposed to be.


Of course, the team is there for the quinceanera, because they are a family.

Joseph was leaving the station and runs into Carter and his band of small dick men. They all are this police fraternity of idiots. Carter tried to intimidate Joseph, but he’s not the cop that wants to be dirty. He doesn’t want to do bad things.

He doesn’t want to lie.

He doesn’t want to cheat.

He wants to be the best at his job.

He heads to the party and sees Charlie, where he walks over to her and sits with her. She wants to protect him and sees that he got a tattoo. She thinks he’s become one of Carter’s cronies, but she quickly finds out he got the scales of justice, or some tattoo – but like I wasn’t paying that much attention and he’s flirting and paying her compliments and she’s called him by his actual name, which is her way of flirting.

I know that these two will end up together, but I am not for it. Because she’s fucked over his family. He may not know this yet, but like – he will and that will destroy him.

But when she leans into kiss him and hits his cheek, I am so mad because she’s leading him on. He may not know it yet, but we all do.

And when she destroys him, it won’t end up well.

Cade is dealing with his own shit. He’s lost custody of the kids and those kids mean everything to him and his wife.

So yes, I have an issue with this. They deserve better. Those kids deserve a family that loves them and not one that uses them for a check.


The good thing to come out of everything is that Jerry sees that Bill wants to do good and to be good. He tells Riley that she will resign, that she will pull out of the race, or he is tossing her ass in jail.

Damn Jerry, I didn’t think that you were redeemable.

I guess I was wrong.

But the bigger thing that makes me see hope for Jerry is that he destroys the file on Bill.


  • Loved seeing Bishop smile. They deserve to be happy.
  • I feel like the Hollister family has gone through a lot and for the pain and anguish that they are willing to go through to be there for others. I applaud.
  • Paul is a strong person.

Can we have season 2 now?

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