FEELS OF THE WEEK – March 22nd to March 28th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows & movies that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week

Lyra: Michonne from The Walking Dead is and will forever be our badass female character of the week. This week’s send off episode exemplified what we love about Michonne, how much her character has grown, and how much her story still has to come even if she’s not on our screens anymore. Until next time Michonne and good luck finding Rick! You got this! Plus Richonne. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Lizzie: Penelope Alvarez, who absolutely does not need a man to be happy, period. Doesn’t mean she can’t want one, though. Wanting one doesn’t make her any less of an independent woman, or any less of a badass. Oh, how I missed One Day At a Time. Especially because the show always manages to send the right messages in a sneaky, sneaky way.

Ashley: I always love watching Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Picard swoop in and kick butt. The season finale this week is no different. 

OTP of the Week

Gillian: Sutton and Richard on The Bold Type. I was so worried they wouldn’t get married because of her new job opportunity, but thank God they did. Their vows were beautiful and I’m beyond happy that these two will go the distance. They’re so cute!

Lizzie: Syd and Elena, on One Day At A Time. I always feel very connected to Elena, and I, like her, once thought the best thing to do as I was going off to study abroad was to break up with my significant other. I just wish I’d had a brother like Alex to advise me so I could make the decision Syd and Elena made. 

Jessica: Claire and Melendez, The Good Doctor.  I finally caught up with this show, and I am loving these two!  Claire knows that she’s in love with him, and I think he’s realizing how he feels, too.  I mean, he said she was incredible. He better be okay after that earthquake!

Lariel: Alex and Kelly, Supergirl. I have liked these two from the very start of their relationship, and “Alex in Wonderland” just cemented it. Kelly knew to give Alex some space to work through her feelings over her dad’s death, but then was the hero when getting that space led Alex into a very dangerous spot. And instead of the mortal danger leading to another reactive marriage proposal, it led to real sharing. Best couple in the Arrowverse right now for my money.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

Lizzie: Once again, we go with Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Specifically, Zoey’s conversation with Max near the end of the episode, you know, the one where she tells him he means too much to her for her to risk him right now, and she promises to be 100% honest with him. It was angst, and it hurt, but it also felt like the RIGHT kind of angst, and it absolutely made me feel all the things. 

Gillian: The only characters I still like on A Million Little Things are Rome and Regina and damn. The fact that they finally were able to get a baby and then have it taken away was awful. I am so upset. Let Rome have a happy moment!

Jacqueline: Dr. Richard Webber, Grey’s Anatomy broke my heart into tiny pieces this week. Hopefully, they will figure out what is going on but watching him break like that…was beyond upsetting – leaving me in a puddle of sad. 

Jessica: Basically the entire ranting to A Million Little ThingsMy favorite couples are Eddie and Katherine and Rome and Regina and both of them had terrible things happen to them.  Why can’t anyone on my shows ever be happy?

Naomi: Jocasta and Murtagh of Outlander! I was torn to shreds watching these two ill fated lovers say their final good-bye. Damn you Murtagh! Why did you wait so long to tell her how you felt? I have a sneaking feeling after hearing Jocasta recount the tale of losing her daughters that she may have turned him down in the end anyway. That still doesn’t take away how heartbreaking it was to see them let one another go.

Jasmine: On This is Us, Dr. K giving some encouraging words to Rebecca and Jack on the Big 3s first birthday because they were struggling with the loss of their baby Kyle.  

Ashley: No spoilers, but the last 20 minutes of this week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard had me ugly crying.

Quote of the Week

Lizzie: “Seven of Nine is gay” – Elena, One Day At A Time

Gillian: “And he wrote back ‘K’. He only responds in one letter. ‘K’? Who does that?” -Mo, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Jessica: “Anna Kat is a terrible liar.  Once again, this reflects poorly on me as a mother.” – Katie, American Housewife

Naomi: “I know this is a fairy tale and all, but a non-consensual kiss is never the answer.”- Hope Mikaelson, Legacies

Ashley: “Fear is an incompetent teacher.” – Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: Picard

WTF Moment of the Week

Emily: I’ve got Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which has been blowing my mind and keeping me (mostly) sane. But there is something called Tarantula Island in the game, where there is almost exclusively tarantulas. It’s…a lot. This has been the only stress point for me in the game so far; I was torn between my hatred of spiders and my love of Bells (in game currency). I made it through, but damn was it weird.


Gillian: Everything Dr. Cain did this week on The Resident. Not informing any of the other doctors that there was a superbug that could infect the patients infuriated me so much. One of the big problems on this show is the egos of the doctors and with all that’s happening in our world today, it doesn’t make me feel good!

Jasmine: Randall and Kevin’s fight on This is Us. OMFG!!!!!! 

Ashley: It’s silly but I totally shouted when J. K. Simmons walked out of that elevator on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I adore watching him be grumpy and irritable. It’s my favorite. 

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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