‘Chicago PD’ 7×19 Review: “Buried Secrets”

Secrets came out in Chicago PD‘s “Buried Secrets”. But one things for sure, you can’t keep a secret from Intelligence. They will always, and I mean always, find out the truth.

But one thing I definitely can’t keep a secret is that I miss Hailey Upton and can’t wait for her return in season 8. The show just isn’t the same without her.

Living a Secret Life

Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Wade Henslow was full of surprises. I would have never guessed that he was gay. I never saw that part of the story line coming. Especially with such a young kid. I guess it just goes to show that sometimes you really don’t know people. However, I did have my suspicions that he knew more about his daughter’s kidnapping than he was letting on. Especially have he lied to Intelligence again and again. I just never thought that he would go so far to keep a secret.

If you ask me, Wade Henslow was a no good piece of garbage. What kind of a father would be okay with their daughter getting killed just because he wants to keep a secret?! He was definitely a sad excuse for a father. Thank goodness nothing happened to his daughter. And thank goodness the truth about Wade came out. He got exactly what he deserved.

Adam Ruzek

Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Adam was definitely the hero in this week’s episode. He helped make sure Wade’s daughter was safe and stayed in the room the entire time to protect her. He was more protective of her than her own father was, which is pretty sad. Plus, if Adam didn’t witness the kidnapping who knows what might have happened to her. Adam is a major asset to Intelligence, and he definitely proved that this episode.

I love Adam Ruzek. He has come so far since we first met him on season one. He has such a big heart, and even though it gets him in trouble sometimes, I love that about him. Sometimes he makes me mad, but it’s hard to stay mad at him for too long. Even when he makes some bad choices, deep down he’s a really good person. Adam Ruzek has my heart, now and always.

Is Burzek Reuniting?

Burzek is finally communicating again, and I love that for them. Those two clearly care a lot about each other, they just couldn’t ever seem to get their timing right. But it looks like that all might be changing. Kim seems eager to rekindle things with him, and by the end of the episode they were going to dinner together since they both stated it would make them happy. Could this be the beginning of another Burzek romance?

I will never understand why Adam was suddenly not interested in Kim, and why Kim is all of a sudden more interested in Adam now than when she was pregnant. But I’m happy that they are finally communicating again and seem to be on the right track. There might still be hope for them yet, Burzek stans.

Stand Out Scene

Matt Dinerstein/NBC

The conversation between Jay and Platt was adorable. He misses Hailey so much, and I do too. I can’t wait for the moment Hailey comes back and Upstead is reunited again. They are so good together and just really get each other. There isn’t a better duo than Upstead.

I love how much Jay and Hailey know each other. Hailey knew that Jay hates needles, and Jay knows that Hailey doesn’t like fancy suits. They clearly care about each other. I just wish they would admit it to each other. Upstead is such a major slow burn. I just hope the moment they finally get together is worth the wait. I am beyond ready for Upstead.

Best Lines

Ruzek: “I think that going to dinner with you would make me smile.”

Voight: “Get this piece of garbage out of my sight.”

Platt: “If she comes back.”
Halstead: “What are you talking about?”
Platt: “The feds have a really sneaky way of holding on to good people. They make them wear nice suits, and they pay them really well.”
Halstead: “Well, Hailey doesn’t like nice suits.”
Platt: “Uh-huh, I’m sure she doesn’t. You miss her, don’t you?”
Halstead: “Yeah, she’s my partner.”
Platt: “Of course.”

Jay: “We’ve been searching nonstop, and I think we’re pretty good at what we do. How the hell did this guy beat us here?”

Voight: “Man, you’re lucky. He was going to put a bullet in your daughter’s head because you don’t have the guts to cop to who you really are.”

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