‘Chicago Med’ 5×19 Review: “Just a River in Egypt”

A lot happened relationship-wise in Chicago Med‘s “Just a River in Egypt”. And while it wasn’t all good, I can’t say any of it was a surprise. It’ll be interesting to see how the relationships are left in the season finale next week. But one thing I can say about this episode is that it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

It Looks Like Chexton Is Chex-Done

Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Chexton has really fallen apart the last couple episodes. We find out that Ethan is sleeping on the couch, and I can’t say that I blame him. April betrayed him big time. That’s not gonna be easy to get over. Plus, she’s still working as Crockett’s hybrid OR nurse, which can’t be easy for Ethan to see. April really screwed up, and I doubt she will be able to fix it.

Ethan finally admitted that the problem has been between him and April, not Crockett. He’s giving April time to find a new place, which is pretty generous of him. It is his place, after all. April screwed up big time, and now she has to deal with the consequences. Thank goodness the IVF didn’t end up working or this situation would have been much more complicated. I really hope Chexton can work things out and have a better outcome than Manstead right now, but I won’t be surprised if Ethan can’t get over this.

Will and Hannah

Looks like Will is continuing his relationship with Hannah despite his concerns last episode. I get that he cares deeply about people and has a strong connection with Hannah, but I wish the two would just remain friends. She’s not good for him. I mean, he was agreeing with her on EVERYTHING that she did or sugested, even if it was crazy. I get that he doesn’t want to upset her, but if she’s wrong, she’s wrong. And he clearly had no problem telling Natalie she was wrong when he cared so deeply about her.

I’ll admit that I never really like the character of Elsa Curry. However, I will say that I loved when she called Will out on his feelings toward Hannah. I believe he was letting his feelings for her and not wanting to disappoint her cloud his judgment on how to best handle the case. Although, I have to wonder if she was acting like that partly because of her feelings for Will. And don’t even get me started on the way he snapped at Elsa for bringing up Hannah’s drug addiction as if it wasn’t relevant.

Come on Will, a doctor’s drug use, whether she’s getting over it or not, is always relevant to a case. Just like Natalie’s brain injury was relevant to how she handled her cases. I just hope Will comes to his senses soon and stops caring so much for Hannah Asher. If you ask me, the woman is nothing but bad news.

Auggie’s Happy Ending

Looks like Auggie is going home with Maggie and Ben. I’m so glad Auggie got a happy ending. Maggie and Ben are the sweetest people ever. I just knew they wouldn’t let him go back on the list yet again. They have such a strong bond. I already love this little family.

Maggie and Ben are going to make great parents. They already have such a great connection with Auggie, and Auggie trusts them. I had a feeling that they would end up fostering him. They both care a lot about him. Plus, they have such big hearts. Auggie is lucky to have Ben and Maggie in his life.

Stand Out Scene

The ending scene when Ethan took his bags and left for a hotel was so heartbreaking. Brian Tee and Yaya Decosta did an amazing job in that scene. While I love Chexton, I’m glad Ethan finally admitted that the problem was with him and April all along. You can’t stay in a relationship that you’re no longer happy in. And if I’m being totally honest, Ethan deserves better than someone who kissed another guy while they were still together.

I felt bad for April, but it’s not like she didn’t bring this on herself. You can’t kiss another guy and expect there not to be any consequences. Ethan loved April, and he didn’t get that some love in return. April realized her true feelings for Ethan and that he was who she really wanted, but it was too late. As much as I love Chexton together, I won’t be surprised if Ethan never gets over this.

Best Lines

Ethan: “Whatever it is you want…it isn’t me.”

Maggie: “We’ll do it. We’ll foster him.”

Elsa: “Are you doing this because of your feelings for Dr. Asher?”

April: “Dr. Marcel, I think you should find a new hybrid OR nurse.”

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