‘When the Streetlights Go On’ 1×08 Review: ‘Halloween’

After watching the eighth episode of When The Streetlights Go On, I’m more confused — but enthralled — than ever. With the ticking clock known as just two episodes remaining, I honestly don’t know who killed Chrissy Monroe and Mr. Carpenter.

You know what, I have to give Brad credit. He’s a selfish, entitled loser that certainly won’t be getting into Harvard anytime soon. But he does have his moments when he appears smart…or maybe that’s arrogance…or just complete stupidity.

Case in point, pissing the hell out of Casper Tatum and provoking an all-out brawl, that ends up with Brad battered and bruised and Casper looking guilty as ever.

This Halloween party in the middle of nowhere had disaster written all over it. And when Brad brings a knife to a fistfight, things escalate. Before the showdown, Becky and Casper escaped to a room for some alone time. It was there where Casper gifted Becky with an old Beach Boys album. The significance wasn’t lost on me — or Becky, for that matter.

After all, in the last episode, Becky told Casper about how The Beach Boys were sacred to her. How they reminded her of a time that was happier, safer, normal. So Casper committing that to memory and bringing her an album from home that reminded her of happier times, that was one of the most thoughtful things anyone could’ve done for her.

And I suddenly found myself going, That’s my ship!

I’ve been waiting for my ship, it always happens in these coming-of-age stories. While I’d thought it would be Charlie and Becky, this Becky and Casper pairing has been a welcome surprise.

But, wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I start really shipping them, a fucking iceberg has to hit their Titanic of a relationship. Brad.

Brad is going berserk because, of course, he wants Becky to himself, and he knows she’s with Casper. At this point, Brad is ready for the showdown he knew he’d be welcoming bringing a knife to this thing. How perfectly this set up: Party in the middle of nowhere, where the police can’t find them, where it would be hard to call for help. Because, if you think about it, Brad was hoping to get his shot at Casper.

After Casper bested Brad, Brad reached for the safety of his knife and came running at Casper. Instead, Brad clipped Becky, who had a gash alongside her wrist.

And. Casper. Fucking. Lost. It.

Casper beat the living shit out of Brad, including smashing his head against the cement stairs until Brad was unconscious. And Charlie narrated it best:

“There were no longer any doubts that Casper Tatum was capable of cold-blooded murder.”

But again, I don’t think Casper killed Chrissy. Sure, bashing a classmate’s head in does not look good — and is enough to make someone think you could do that to someone else. But Casper clearly is in love with Becky, and I don’t think he could stomach being with her if he’d killed her sister. It just doesn’t add up. Unless he’s a complete sociopath, which I don’t think he is.

The point is, the entire population of Colfax probably now believes 100 percent Casper Tatum murdered Chrissy Monroe, including Becky. Maybe? Becky couldn’t deny what she saw. And she was afraid. Afraid enough to doubt whether or not Casper had lied to her.

Which brings us back to the genius of Brad. Brad proved to everyone what he’d been insisting from the beginning — Casper Tatum is 100 percent the killer. Although I don’t think he expected this whole thing to play out like this, aka getting his ass kicked. So it was probably a happy accident on his part.

At this point, we have two — and only two — suspects. Casper Tatum, who despite his violent tendencies doesn’t project to be the killer. And Brad Kirchoff, whose actions are suspicious as hell but doesn’t look like he could actually go through with the whole thing.

So who the hell did it?

At this point, I’m getting annoyed. In the absolute best way a television viewer can be annoyed. As in, I’m so invested in the outcome of this thing, that it has me pissed off because I have to wait 24 hours for the next installment. Which, I count as a victory.

I’m not sold that Brad or Casper are the killers. In fact, I think this whole thing was a diversion. As if, when we learn who the killer really was — maybe someone that doesn’t even belong in Colfax — we can go back and rewatch this whole thing and see them lurking in the background the whole time.

Or, you know what, maybe I’m reading way too much into this. The point is, this movie is doing exactly what it should be doing. Throwing me every which way possible while not having a clue what the hell is actually happening.

At this point, I NEED to know who the killer is. Although, at this point, I’m afraid that the killer might die with his next victim, which I’m pretty sure is going to be Becky.

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