‘When the Streetlights Go On’ 1×09 Review: ‘Annotations’

We’ve all been there. As we’re nearing the end of a book, or the end of a movie, thinking to ourselves — there’s no way there’s enough time to wrap this story up. And then, somehow, it manages to. Even if it’s not to our satisfaction.

And that’s exactly where I stand following the ninth episode of When The Streetlights Go On, which is the second to last episode of this intriguing story.

We still don’t have a damn clue as to who murdered Chrissy Monroe and Mr. Carpenter, and at this point I’m just hoping that we learn who did it. Even if it was a stranger. Just confirm it wasn’t Brad or Casper, like this show would lead us to believe.

As far as the murders of Chrissy Monroe and Mr. Carpenter are concerned, the case is closed. After Casper beat the living shit out of Brad — who never recovered from his injuries, including getting to play out his college basketball dreams — he fled. Casper leaving town — and never returning, contrary to what he told Becky, it was all the confirmation the town needed to pin the murders on Casper.

Now that they had someone to blame it on, they could go back to their peaceful bubble where nothing ever goes wrong. But we know something they don’t. That Becky Monroe is about to be the next victim. And you bet your ass that this town will try to find a way to blame it on Casper — but they’ll be wrong. Just like they’re wrong about who actually killed Chrissy and Carpenter.

During the time that has passed since Casper fled following Halloween, months have passed and it’s now Christmas time. Becky dropped out of school, and she’s spent her time getting to know her house on a personal level. But that can only get you so long. Boredom eventually won out, and she read anything and everything she could get her hands on.

BUT TWIST. Our Charlie is in love. With someone that believes life is a means to an end and that love doesn’t exist and we’re meant to be alone. Oh, Becky.

That connection that was alluded to in the second episode, we started to get a glimpse of it in this ninth episode. Just as Becky is about to die. Becky went over to Charlie’s to borrow books — she’s read everything in her house, and she’s bored. So he gathers up a whole bunch of books and brings them over to her. And that’s the beginning of their newfound friendship.

Ultimately, Charlies ignores his maybe-girlfriend Bernice when he gets an opportunity to spend more time with Becky. They discuss the books that they’ve now both read. While Charlie is reading the words, Becky is feeling the pain written inside of them. Which makes for some interesting discussions, as they take away different messages from the book.

Messages like, love isn’t real, and we’re all destined to end up alone. I mean, looking at Becky’s life, you can tell that she’s experienced real pain. Not only did she lose her sister, but her parents don’t strike me as the kind that show they love their daughters. Then, the closest thing that Becky had to love — Casper — scared her. She has no one.

Except Charlie. But it doesn’t seem like that’ll ultimately be enough.

Interestingly enough, Charlie discussed the heartbreak of ending things prematurely with Bernice, as he really liked her. But that wasn’t enough. Not when he was in love with someone else.


But we all know how this ends. The only question is — as the reminder that there’s not nearly enough time to wrap up this story –– the details of how it ends.

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