‘Chicago Fire’ 8×20 Review: “51’s Original Bell”

I can’t believe the season finale is already here. Granted it’s a little earlier than anyone expected, it still doesn’t seem real. I’m not ready to say good-bye to my favorite firefighters at 51 just yet. And while there was no real cliff-hanger ending like we’re used to with, Chicago Fire‘s ’51’s Original Bell” was still filled with the emotion and suspense that we would expect to see in any other season finale.

A Close Call For Capp

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little worried about Capp this episode. He did not look good at all, and we all know how the writers like to mess with our emotions. It honestly wouldn’t have surprised me if Capp wasn’t able to come back. After all, the eyes and eyesight are not something to mess around with.

Thank goodness Capp ended up being okay and can remain a firefighter! Even though he is not a main character on the show, I still liked his character and the funny wit and banter between him and Tony, as well as the real-life friendship between Randy and Tony along with the rest of the cast. The show would not have been the same without him and Randy Flagler.

Foster’s Big Reveal

Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

While I’m not completely surprised, the fact that Foster is reapplying for med school was a little shocking. I knew she had originally wanted to be a doctor and still kind of wanted to be one and I think she would totally rock at it, but I never thought she would actually reapply for med school. She seemed so happy as a paramedic at 51 with Brett. I never thought she would actually leave 51. But who knows, she still might not. While I want Foster to do what she wants and what makes her happy, I don’t want to see her leave 51 just yet.

I get that she felt bad about leaving Brett and didn’t want to dump that news on her on top of everything else, but I still wish Brett would have heard the news from her. Hearing that Foster might be leaving from Will probably made it that much harder on her. However, I’m glad those two were able to get past it and that Brett was there for her in the end.

Brett can’t catch a break

Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Poor Brett can’t seem to have anything go her way this season. First her birth mom dies shortly after she gets to know her, then Scott tells her them him and Amelia are moving back to Rockford, and now she hears that Foster might be leaving her to go back to med school. That’s a lot to handle in a short period of time. Sylvie needs her friends now more than ever, and it seems like everyone’s abandoning her.

While I’m not saying Sylvie’s reaction to Foster going back to med school was okay, I can see where she’s coming from. To her it probably seems like everyone she cares about is abandoning her. First Julie, then Scott and Amelia, and now Foster. The news was just bad timing, that’s all. In the end, Brett was there to support her friend like the Sylvie we all know and love.

Stand Out Scene

The ending scene when Brett is waiting outside of Foster’s interview was so sweet. In the end, she supported her best friend even though she didn’t want to see her go. And I thought it was really cute how Brett told Foster that they would be lucky to have her. I love how supportive the women of 51 are of each other.

I knew those to would make up. They are best friends, after all. It’s gonna take more than reapplying to med school to come between those two. I really hope Foster doesn’t end up going to med school so we can see more of them next season. And besides, I think we’ve had enough new paramedics on the show for awhile.

Best Lines

Brett: “I am not going to let someone else I care about out of my life, you know?”

Casey: “You work that close with someone, you feel their pain like it’s your own.”

Foster: “In the last three years, I have met and worked with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known.”

Severide: “I wanna go back to the scrapyard and do the wrong thing.”

Gallo: “Maybe we should get married!”

Capp: “You were worried about me. He was worried about me, wasn’t he?”

Casey: “Don’t let him do anything stupid.”

Chicago Fire is set to return in September to NBC.

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