‘Chicago PD’ 7×20 Review: “Silence of the Night”

Well guys, it’s that time again. This week marked the season finale of One Chicago. And although the seasons were cut short, I thought Chicago PD‘s “Silence of the Night” was an extremely powerful episode to end with. While there was no real cliff-hanger ending like we’re used to, this episode was still extremely well-done.

Atwater Speaks His Truth

Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Kevin Atwater is an inspiration. He tried to put aside his differences to work with a man who he knew was racist, and then told the truth about him even though he knew it would ruin his reputation and he would most likely get hate for it. I admire him for being willing to do the right thing, even after Ray Price told him that silence is best. It took guts to do what he did, but I had no doubt that he would do the right thing.

I love that we got a major Atwater storyline this episode. I feel like we don’t get enough of him in other episodes, so it was nice to see him in a main role this time. Atwater is an awesome character and Laroyce is such an amazing actor. We deserve to see more of Kevin Atwater, and I definitely want to see him get an actual love interest soon. I can’t wait to see what season 8 has in store for Kevin Atwater.

Dang It, Doyle

Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Doyle definitely crossed some lines. With the way he was acting this episode, I had no doubt that something was going to happen to him. I’m not saying he deserved to die, but you can’t just profile people the way he was and not expect to probably get shot. You can’t go around thinking that everyone who looks slightly suspicious doing something illegal, especially as a cop.

Doyle should have listened to Atwater and left the situation alone. The kid wasn’t doing anything wrong, and Doyle has no proof that he was. If he would have just got back in the car after the kid ran into what Doyle thought was a stash house, then Doyle probably would have lived to see the next day.

Upstead Stans Stay Winning

Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Okay, that opening scene between Hailey and Jay was adorable. I mean, it can’t really get much better than Hailey admitting to Jay that she misses him. And even though he didn’t exactly say it to her, he admitted last week to Platt that he misses Hailey, too.

I love that even though Hailey isn’t in Chicago at the moment, we still get Upstead content. So much quality Upstead content. I can’t wait for the dynamic duo to be reunited again next season. I really don’t think there is a better duo than them. Hailey might not technically be on the show right now, but us Upstead shippers still stay winning!

Stand Out Scene

The ending scene when Atwater was standing outside of his house as all of those cop cars drove by him was such a powerful scene. You could tell that Atwater was disappointed and angered that no other cop besides intelligence was in his corner after he told the truth about what really happened with Doyle. Laroyce did such a great job with that scene! It was extremely well done.

I can definitely understand Atwater’s frustration in that scene. He did the right thing by coming forward and telling the truth about what really happened, and now he’s hated because of it. I get that Doyle had a legacy and reputation that nobody wanted to see ruined, but that doesn’t excuse what Doyle did or who he was. Atwater did the right thing, regardless of what the other cops think and what consequences might follow. Kudos to him for doing what was right instead of what others wanted him to do.

Best Lines

Ruzek: “Here’s to having the guts to tell the truth. To tell your truth.”

Voight: “Kevin Atwater’s like a son to me. You go after him you better come after me too.”

Voight: “You gotta ask yourself, and I mean really ask yourself, how bad do you wanna be right?”

Atwater: “I got an issue with the way you put your hands on people.”

Jay: “So you miss me, do ya?”

Hailey: “I miss the wind…and you.”

Jay: “You are coming back, right?”

Chicago PD will return in September on NBC.

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