Ranking ‘The Voice’ season 18 finalists

Typically it’s difficult for me to watch any television that I’m not covering or 1,000% invested in, given how busy I am. But during quarantine, I’ve found myself watching things I hadn’t watched in awhile, including The Voice.

Although, I’ll be honest, it was Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas that made me want to watch this season. And I’m glad I did, because I was reminded why I love these reality singing competitions.

Music is more important than ever, as it’s an emotional outlet during a difficult time. It’s nice to escape for a couple hours and just get lost in the emotions of these artists and the songs they’re sharing.

It’s hard to believe that The Voice is already at the finale of its 18th season, where there will be not four, but five finalists heading into the two-part finale this Monday and Tuesday.


Micah Iverson (Team Kelly), Thunderstorm Artis (Team Nick), CammWess (Team Legend), Toneisha Harris (Team Blake) and Todd Tilghman (Team Blake) are your five finalists that will vie for The Voice title.

And, naturally, I have my own personal preferences who deserves to take the crown. Let’s take a look at my rankings of The Voice‘s five finalists.

1. Micah Iverson, Team Kelly


Why He Deserves To Win:

Micah has been one of my favorites since his blind audition. He has such a unique tone that, like Kelly Clarkson, is my favorite kind of male voice — all emotion. Micah has the ability to make you feel when he’s singing. His battle performance of Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved” was the moment he became my favorite. Not only is that one of my favorite songs, but the way he channeled the emotion of a painful heartbreak — you felt that watching him sing.

Even with songs you might not know — like his most recent performance of Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark.” I was able to connect to that song because of Micah — the way he was taking the audience on a journey through that song.

Not to mention his range is freaking insane, and his head voice is truly something special. He’s definitely one of the underrated artists on this show, and his ability to so effortlessly float through a song has been one of my favorite things to watch. Micah is one of the few finalists that I believe I could hear on the radio right now — and one I would definitely listen to after The Voice.

Favorite performance: “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi

2. Thunderstorm Artis, Team Nick


Why He Deserves To Win:

Since the moment of his blind audition, the world knew that Thunderstorm Artis was something truly special. Much like Micah, Thunderstorm has the uncanny ability of feeling every emotion of a song — and making the audience feel the same. You’re entranced watching him, as evidenced by his spin on The Beatle’s “Blackbird,” which made him one of my favorites from the start.

Thunderstorm appears to be the clear-cut favorite to take this entire competition, and it’s easy to see — sorry, hear — why. Thunderstorm tells a story every time he sings — and he takes you on an emotional journey that soars higher and higher.

And his tone…good lord. He has the kind of voice that I could listen to fall asleep every night — so soothing and beautiful. Then when he takes a song places with that insane range, it’s truly something special. Can you believe John Legend gave him away?

Favorite performance: “Blackbird” by The Beatles

3. Toneisha Harris, Team Blake


Why She Deserves To Win:

From the moment she decided to audition with a Foreigner song, I knew Toneisha was someone that wasn’t afraid to take chances and challenge herself. And then she opened her mouth, and I knew she was the kind of artist that could sing anything.

The power in Toneisha’s voice is truly incredible — the kind of voice that gives you chills. But perhaps my favorite thing about Toneisha is that she doesn’t over-do it. There are some that try to scream or belt every word, where Toneisha is intentional with where she places certain runs and high notes. She is truly a skilled artist.


The fact that Toneisha can wow you even with subdued performances — like the performance that earned her a spot in the finale win America’s vote — speaks volumes. She’s not someone that needs to scream for you to know she’s there. Toneisha’s voice does all the talking.

Favorite performance: “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner

4. CammWess, Team Legend


Why He Deserves To Win:

In case you haven’t sensed a pattern yet, I’ve got a thing for male voices that are all emotion. And, as you might’ve guessed it, CammWess is another one of those voices. He’s someone that you can just close your eyes and let the gorgeous tone of his voice take you on a journey.

CammWess might be one of the most underrated vocalists in the finale, along with Micah, and it’s his simplicity that makes it so. Every note CammWess sings is heartfelt but leaves a lasting mark. The way he can hit all of the high and low notes with ease is something special.

And then there’s the emotional quality of what he sings. Every song is a story, every story is an opportunity to take the audience on that journey with him.

Favorite performance: “Say Something” by A Great Big World

5. Todd Tilghman, Team Blake


Why He Deserves To Win:

Every year there seems to be a fan-favorite that you feel is destined to win. This season, that’s Todd, which is due to a combination of his heartfelt voice but also his personality. It’s the connection that people want to feel — which this shortened season hasn’t allowed many to do. But many have found that with Todd.

While Todd has a beautiful voice, he’s my least favorite in this finale. Compared to the other four remaining singers, Todd’s voice doesn’t have the same effect on me as the others’. While there’s no denying the heart and soul in his voice, I just don’t connect with him like I do a Micah or Thunderstorm or Toneisha or CammWess.

Not that any of that matters, because it’s not me picking the winner. It’s America, who clearly seems to be enamored with Todd this season.

Favorite performance: “Anymore” by Travis Tritt

The Voice two-night finale airs Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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