Jamie Lynn Spears Talks About A ‘Zoey 101’ Reboot

Jamie Lynn Spears is a lot more than Britney Spears‘ little sister. The actress/singer/songwriter stands on her own with her own talent. They just share a last name.

For a lot of people, Jamie is best known for her role in Zoey 101, a Nickelodeon show which feels like from forever ago.

Right now she’s doing a lot of promotion surrounding her upcoming Netflix show ,and we ain’t mad about it. Especially since people are asking Spears all the questions that we want answered.

You know – like what about the possibility of a Zoey 101 reboot.

“I definitely think we should give the fans what they’ve been asking for. We’ve had conversations, and hopefully things will come together quickly, but we also want to do things the right way, and find the right home for it…I would like it [to go Netflix],” Jamie Lynn said when talking to Maria Menounos’s show, Better Together. “That’s the business side. Do I call Netflix?… I want it to happen. I’ve had conversations with people at Nickelodeon. I think it’s just about, hey Netflix, call your people! I’ll have your people call me people!”

Jamie spoke to Maria about a lot of things: why she really left the business, how scary it was, and how watching her sister Britney’s life influenced that decision. We get an emotional, step-by-step account of her daughter’s terrifying accident and miracle recovery, and her new outlook on life thereafter. She also talks about her life growing up a Spears.

You should really watch the entire video – Spears gives a lot of information about her life.

I have a whole new respect for her.

Spears’ new Netflix show, Steel Magnolias, premieres May 19th.

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