‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 2×11 Review: “Linger”

With the world in shambles right now, sometimes it helps to escape reality with television, if only for an hour. Which is why I’m thankful for Roswell, New Mexico.

But more than that, I’m thankful that we have a show like Roswell, New Mexico that doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities that face our world on a daily basis. And while Monday’s episode didn’t address “Black Lives Matter,” it continues to address the important issue of immigration and the importance of equality for all.

Let’s discuss the latest episode of Roswell, New Mexico, titled “Linger,” where secrets were certainly revealed.


Our harsh reality reflected on TV

Ursula Coyote/The CW

Roswell, New Mexico is one of the rare shows that not only reflects the reality we face but addresses it head on and repeatedly.

The harsh reality remains that the President of the United States is a white supremacist that continues to quell hate, anger, and violence to those morons that share his same ridiculous ideologies.

With Roswell, New Mexico, the focus has always been immigration and how white supremacists view people who are different as nothing but scum, garbage. That they think they’re clearly superior, and they know they can get away with it.

Look no further than the scene where the ICE agent from the previous episode came to the Crashdown to harass Liz. Because he could. Calling her nothing but a Mexican, a waitress, a criminal, and a pretty face with a big mouth that will get her in trouble. It was infuriating to watch, and I can’t imagine what that’s like for those that have to experience that sometimes on a daily basis.

But there was nothing sweeter than watching Liz give it right back to the piece of shit. Where she pointed out the hypocrisy and racism that he’s been spewing. Liz has a small vandalism charge — Rosa’s doing, as we know — and this asshole used it to paint her as a criminal. Because he can. Because he’s encouraged to do so. Because he’s gotten away with it in the past and will continue to get away with it until the piece of shit in the White House is gone.

Liz wants to impact change, and that’s never going to change

John Golden Britt/The CW

One of the things that I love about Liz Ortecho is that she’s steadfast in her beliefs. She’s not going to play nice for anybody, whether you’re an ICE agent harassing her or her boyfriend that’s questioning her potentially life-changing research.

Over the last couple of episodes, we’ve seen Liz focusing on expanding her research so that it can treat humans immediately. The belief has always been that Liz would only get to experiment with her tissue regeneration on worms or rats. But in bringing Max back to life, Liz believes that she can make her discoveries and potential cures effective now rather than much later when she’s not around to see it.

Liz is a fucking genius. We all know this. And she wants to impact change on the world. While that’s admirable of her, it also serves to put her and those she cares about in danger. Look at what this mystery organization did to get to Charlie Cameron because she had live-changing technology that they wanted to weaponize.

Now, Liz is not only risking this kind of research getting into the wrong hands, but she’s also putting Max, Isobel, Michael, and even Rosa in danger. Given that this is based in alien DNA.

This caused a rift between Liz and Max at the end of the episode, when Max confronted Liz with the secrets she’s been keeping from him about her experiments. Liz explains that she’s trying to help Stef, who is dying from a rare blood disease, because she owes Kyle for all of his help. But the thing is, as Max suspects, it won’t stop after Stef.

Here’s the thing, Liz Ortecho is someone that will stand up for what she believes in and go after what she wants, regardless of what others believe. Whether that’s to her advantage or her detriment varies, but it’s who she is. It’s always been who she is.

Rosa wants to get better, and you have to believe she will

John Golden Britt/The CW

We haven’t seen Rosa since she checked into rehab a couple of episodes ago, but that changed this week when Isobel went to deliver her sketchbooks. From what we saw of Rosa and Isobel’s interactions, rehab has been good for Rosa. She’s been tackling the things that have caused her stress and anxiety, and she’s focused on becoming better.

It’s not enough to just say you want to be better, you have to show that you want to be better, which is what Rosa has done during her time in rehab. We haven’t seen exactly what she’s been doing, but just watching her in this episode with Isobel, it was clear that she’s getting better.

But here’s the thing, a few weeks isn’t enough. Sometimes, you don’t know how long it’s going to take before you’re better. And I give it up for Rosa for recognizing this, even as she goes back to Roswell with Isobel. She makes it known that this is temporary, that she needs to go back to rehab because she wants to get better. She wants to eventually be able to come back to Roswell when she’s ready.

Seriously, who the hell is this mystery organization?

John Golden Britt/The CW

This episode provided some answers as to who this mystery organization is that’s been abducting people and wiping their memories. Given the memory-wiping drug and its connection to the military, it only made sense to logically jump to Project Sheppard as the culprit.

But, as it turns out, it’s not Project Sheppard at all, but something else entirely. And it features some pretty unexpected faces as employees. Jesse Manes would be the obvious guess, but to no avail. At this rate, it feels like this second season is building to the big reveal of this organization and who is at the helm.


Not that I actually believe Flint Manes and Helena Ortecho are the archetypes of this entire thing. They’re merely pawns, doing the dirty work for whoever is actually in charge.

With Alex’s abduction, it led Michael, Max, and Kyle to Flint Manes, who is carrying on his father’s plans to rid the world of aliens. After all, that’s what Flint was taught since a young boy. Unlike Alex and Gregory, Flint wasn’t able to escape without the battle scars embedded deep within him. Instead, he’s left fighting a foe that he was taught was an enemy from the start. Jesse Manes created this monster.

Flint’s involvement with this anti-alien organization makes sense. He has the military connection, the knowledge, and the training from Jesse Manes himself. But how the hell did Helena get involved in all of this? She was in town the same episode as Charlie Cameron, which would make sense. Granted, Helena also had an affair with a man obsessed with aliens. Perhaps, along the way, she learned the truth? Only she wasn’t subjected to torture and cancer as a last stand like Jim Valenti. Does Helena blame the aliens for Jim’s untimely death? Is it something else entirely? I honestly don’t have a clue, which I’m sure is the point right now.

But with just two episodes left, the reveal has to be coming. Because I just can’t believe Flint and Helena are running this whole thing. What’s the who? What’s the why? I need answers.

I don’t trust Diego

John Golden Britt/The CW

Don’t let the pretty face fool you, but there’s something about Diego that doesn’t sit well with me. While his appearance in the previous episode could’ve been suspected to throw some trouble Liz and Max’s way, that’s simply not the case. Liz has been over Diego — she left him. But after watching his interactions with Liz in “Linger,” I can’t help but suspect that he’s a member of this organization responsible for the abductions and after technology that could wipe out different races.

You could argue that Diego’s appearance was instigated by Liz. Though, granted, ICE was directed to the hospital where Arturo was treated. Diego could’ve known that Liz’s only option was him, someone with connections that could free her father. And that would open the door for Diego’s reappearance, where he could encourage Liz’s research and funding by a shady organization called Gener-X.

The fact that Diego has now appeared in more than one episode means he’s there for a reason. Sure, it could be to encourage Liz’s research. But it could also be to encourage Liz’s research, where he could hand-deliver it to the organization behind this entire thing.

All I know is that on television, trust no one. Especially when they’re as hot as Diego.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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