NBC Decides To Punish Us All And Renews ‘Manifest’

This morning I woke up and I had to question why I was being punished. I looked at my texts and saw The Baker and The Beauty was cancelled and I was like, fuck you 2020.

And so I figured I’d be grumpy today – cause I never get to keep the things I love. But hey, apparently I get to keep the things I hate.

Does anyone have an edible, because I am going to need one to get through today.

Manifest is legitimately one of the worst shows on television and yes, I am fully aware that I could ignore its existence, but if I did that someone else would have to punished and have to review it and I don’t hate anyone that much.

And that says a lot, because I don’t like people.

I will give NBC this – Indebted and Sunnyside deserved to be cancelled. If you didn’t know they were, I guess that’s a spoiler alert. I will tell NBC that they did right by getting rid of those shows, because THEY WERE HORRIBLE.

But keeping Manifest, I don’t get it. This show is BEYOND bad.

You shoulda kept the other show you cancelled, Bluff City Law, and moved Manifest to the cancelled column.

2020 sure isn’t looking up. Thanks for making things worse NBC. I’m gonna give you the same salutation that I gave ABC this morning – fuck you.

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