Ben Higgins Talks About His ‘Bachelor’ Exes

Why would anyone keep in touch with their exes? Like let’s be real, there is a reason that they are your ex. It may be because of you, it may be because of them – but there is a reason that you are no longer together.

Personally, all my exes are people that I don’t ever want to speak to again. And I am good with that. I have horrible choices in men.


But this is not about me. This is about The Bachelor and all of the drama that has unfolded on that show.

With the Coronavirus, ABC scrambled when the next season in the franchise had to be postponed, and they decided that they were gonna break down each season of the show.

And this week – Ben Higgins. He was asked if he kept in touch with his exes, Lauren Bushnell and Jojo Fletcher.

First – Lauren Bushnell is now Lauren Lane. She married country star Chris Lane and is happy in Nashville. Seriously happy. How do I know this? I follow her on Instagram and girl is living her best life.

“Not Lauren, we haven’t talked [about the show re-airing],” Ben said to US Weekly, “She’s married. I’m happy for her, and she found her partner.”

Ben continued, “I mean, if she reached out saying, ‘Hey, how are you going to handle this? This is what’s sensitive me…’ I would love to take that call from her, but I don’t think I’m needed in this moment for her.”

How gracious of you Ben. (Ya, you can insert an eye roll emoji here).

He does see Jojo Fletcher, but did remark that they aren’t best friends and if he sees her it’s in passing. For example, “If I saw her, it would be … I actually saw her in the airport last year. It was awesome to see her and Jordan together, but we don’t keep in close contact. I think just because for me, and probably for them, it wouldn’t be healthy. It’s not smart.”

Jojo is engaged to Jordan Fletcher. Their wedding was postponed due to the coronavirus.

Do you keep in touch with your exes? Am I the only one that thinks that is a bad idea?

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever! airs on ABC.

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