Thirsty Thursday: Matt James Edition

Thirsty Thursday – I love writing this every week, but to be honest, I have taken a break, because the world has taught me that a man can be hot, but just because they are doesn’t mean that they are someone worth drooling over.

People have to have morals, standards, and believe in making the world a better place.

And if there is one thing that I have learned is that we never truly know who a person is. So, as Thirsty Thursday returns, I want to look at the people I am thirsting over and know that they are doing something better for the world.

To be honest, if you aren’t out protesting, making changes in the world, and doing everything that you can to ensure that now is a time for change – I want nothing to do with you.

If you’re telling people that they don’t need to wear a mask or attending Trump rallies – I will embrace the cancel culture that I hate. If you’re out there hitting on underage kids or assaulting anyone – I don’t give a fuck about six pack abs.

And so that is why I took a break – because I was feeling disheartened by the world around me.

But here we are – back. And the first new Thirsty Thursday is Matt James.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of The Bachelor franchise. Do I think that some great people have come out of it? Yes. I follow a lot of them on Instagram and I am entertained by some, but inspired by others.

Matt James, the next Bachelor, well – to be honest I have been doing a lot of research on the man. I wanted to get to know everything I could about the man.

And to be honest, I have liked what I have found.


We stan a man who does something to change the world and give back. The world is a place that is overwhelming and scary sometimes, especially when you’re a kid and everything keeps changing. You live with so many insecurities, fears, and you wonder what everyday will bring. And a lot of times you wonder if anyone cares.

Matt James, and his roommate, Tyler Cameron, started ABC Food Tours, which takes kids in underserved NYC communities on tours of restaurants around the city to educate, motivate, and inspire them.

“My favorite part of running ABC is working with kids!” Matt says. “They’re at an age where they’re super impressionable. No one is born racist or rude—these are all traits that are acquired through influence and experience. If you can positively influence these students at this age, you can potentially change the course of their lives. Also, I love seeing our students try new foods!”

It’s things like this that make a difference in a child’s life and we stan someone who wants kids to have the resources that they need to be inspired.


When it comes to anyone, one of the biggest turn offs in life is when someone is wound too tight and doesn’t know how to laugh. Because if you can’t enjoy life, then you are wasting it.

Matt lives in the public eye – he’s not only best friends with Tyler Cameron (who you may remember was a runner up on The Bachelor), but he’s a model and he’s amassed quite the Instagram following prior to being cast as a contestant of Claire Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette or being cast as The Bachelor.

But he knows how to laugh, to take shit in stride, and realize that no one should have to wear pants if they can avoid it (it’s a quarantine lesson – learn from it). He laughs, goes into Times Square in his robe and slippers to eat cereal, and did we mention he knows how to laugh?

His Tik Tok’s are a testament to the willingness to laugh and live life to the fullest.

If you can’t laugh – you’re missing out on life.


Recently, as I’ve lost a shit load of weight and gotten more and more into being healthy, I have learned to appreciate people with the dedication and will power to stay the path.

Matt is into sports – he played college football (and as much as I hate sports, I won’t hold that against him) – and working out. Judging by his Instagram he’s out there running around New York (won’t be where I meet him – cause running is not a religion that I subscribe to).

📸: Matt James Instagram

Can we talk about that muscle definition?

But, I digress. When you’re into self care we’re about it. Because self care meant that you are taking care of yourself and in doing that you are finding the best ways that you can be there for others.

And hey – not gonna lie – he’s easy on the eyes too.


Let me be frank – we all want receipts. I know that you don’t have to put your shit online and I do think that it kinda sucks that in today’s world we expect everyone to prove that they’ve done something or believe in something.

Because we don’t want scrubs, racists, and Trump supporters in our lives. We want people who have values. We want people willing to speak out about what is wrong in the world.

We want people who are out there making a difference in the world.

Not only is Matt active in philanthropy, he is an activist. He’s out in the streets protesting and taking a stand.

“It’s cool, his mom is white” or how bout “Nah he’s good, he’s an athlete.. ”
he wrote on the post, “Do we have to lead with those things to be treated fairly? This is for everyone who isn’t given the “benefit of the doubt” 🗣”

We can reiterate enough how important it is to make sure that you values match with the people you’re thirsting over – and Matt – well his are something we can back.

📸: Matt James Instagram


I can’t believe that I would say that I would want a man that is close to his Mama, but the truth is – I love to see it. It means that he knows how to respect you.

At least that’s been what I have learned.

I love seeing the glow on his face when he’s with his Mom. In the press release upon his casting ABC said he, “has strong family values, a great career, and over the past few months, he has used his growing platform for good.” 

And you know he’s close with his Mama and she’s proud when even her Instagram bio proudly says that she’s Matt James Mom.

My Mom woulda written my kids drive me insane.

We’ll see more of Matt when his season of The Bachelor starts shooting in 2021.

Follow Matt on Instagram HERE!

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