New Female Fronted ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Is Coming

Okay Disney, just as I am ready to shit on every decision you make, you seem to get back my attention and remind me that I can’t do just that. Because every once in awhile, you make some good choices and you remind me that you actually know what you’re doing.


Let me be real, I don’t like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, because Johnny Depp. Sorry, not sorry. And if you’re looking at that as a statement that I am team Amber, you’re reading way too much into that statement. I am team no one in that fight.

But back to Pirates.

I see you, seeing the worlds cynicism and asking us to all hold your beer. Margot Robbie will star in an upcoming female-fronted movie in the popular Disney franchise.

Take my money. I’ll watch Margot Robbie in anything.

The new movies aren’t meant to be a spin-off of the Jack Sparrow movies – which I am thankful for. Rather, they are “wholly original story with new characters under the Pirates moniker.”

Christina Hodson, who wrote Birds of Prey, is writing the film. And hey, that gives me hope because I actually likes Birds of Prey and normally anything written in the DC world is shit.

The upcoming film is set to be produced by longtime Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

We have hope.

Are you excited for this? What do you think of the news?

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