Favorite Fan Fiction: Asher and Olivia Edition

In my life I have read a variety of fan fiction stories. Some stories have been so good that I wish the authors could write for the show. Currently, I’m loving Asher and Olivia from The CW’s All American. While the following is small, this couple has a dedicated following and a slew of amazing stories.

One of my favorite writers for Asher and Olivia, or Ashivia as they‘re sometimes called, is tabbytabbytabby. Her writing is beautiful. I like all of her stories, but some of my favorites are “Because of You”, “Soft and Precious”, “When it Rains” and “Hospital Stay”. Asher and Olivia are so adorable in her pieces, and it will make you love this couple even more.

Another writer that I like is Ithinkwehaveanemergency. “Crashing Down Right Through Your Arms” and “Farewell to my Darkest Days” are two stories that I’ve read multiple times.

If you want to read a few lighter stories, I recommend “Available For Ice Cream Delivery” and “Top of the World”. They‘ll make you smile.

I also have written a few stories for Asher and Olivia (shameless plug, I know). My most recent story is “Saving Asher”. I would love feedback or ideas for future stories!

All of the stories I’ve mentioned above can be found at Archive of Our Own.

Are there any fan fiction stories about Asher and Olivia that you love? Let us know!

All American returns on January 2021.

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