Thirsty Thursday: The Muscle and Brains That Is Chris Evans

We all have our favorite Chris. Mine? Chris Evans. No offense to Hemsworth, Pratt, or Pine – I am sure that they are great men. But Evans melts me with his smile, his laughter, his biceps, and hey – I have always have a thing for men in suits.

Now, do I like beards? No. But that shit works for him. I will be gladly scratched up by that beard.

He’s just so pretty and he makes me weak in the knees.

But Evans has a lot more to him than a pretty face, a great body, and a smile that will make you fall in love. The man uses his celebrity in order to make the world a better place.

Also – he hates Trump, so I can’t be anything but all about this man.


There are so many celebrities and hell, people in this world that are complacent and don’t worry about making the world a better place. They take life fro what it is – not speaking out and not doing everything in their power to make a change.

Chris isn’t one of those people. He has a platform and he uses it.

He’s even gone as far as to start a website, (which has yet to launch), in order to talk about politics. The website had been due to launch in June, but had been postponed. He sat down to interview 160 elected officials over the past year for the website, to make videos, but also to get views from all sides.

He isn’t afraid to take on Trump and call him out for the racist, homophobic, and all around bullshit that Trump does.

Chris Evans wants to make a change in the world and that is a beautiful thing.


Judge me all you want for this one – but I had to put this one in there. Why? Because Captain America is my favorite and I like America’s ass.

No, I am not nuts. He’s pretty to look at.

But in real life, Evans is also great to look at. He’s got fashion sense – that I am sure a stylist plays into – but he always feels approachable. He feels like the man next door and who doesn’t want a guy with good looks, a brain, and dresses nice on and off the screen.

I mean I do.

You don’t have to agree with me. I know that people don’t always make good decisions, but I will pass judgement on you if you think that Chris Evans doesn’t look good in everything.

Especially the backside. He is America’s ass after all.


Sometimes people freak me out a little bit with their love for animals. Like the people with 100 cats. Chris doesn’t have 100 cats – don’t worry. If he does, he doesn’t show that stuff.

But he does have the utmost love for animals and his dog.

And that is absolutely beautiful.

View this post on Instagram

Just woke up to this pillow hog

A post shared by Chris Evans (@chrisevans) on

We love the love that he has for his dog. It shows how he is as a human, how he cares, and how gracious he is.

Also look at how cute he is with his dog –


Just read his Twitter feed, because Chris Evans is vocal and tells it like it is. He does it with such eloquence and grace that you feel as though you’re being educated in the best way.

He opens your mind to the world around you. He’s passionate, informed, and insightful. We can learn a lot from someone who makes it a priority to be informed and not talk down to people when trying to teach people about the world around them.


We love a man that appreciates family. I mean a man who is close with his family, a man who is there for his family, means that he appreciates family. And that means that he’s going to be there for his own when he has it.

Way too many people have Daddy issues, but he appreciates his.

He’s extremely cute with his family and has so much love for his siblings. Scott Evans, Carly Evans, and Shanna Evans are so loved by their brother.

We love a man that never looses appreciation where he came from.

Are you thirsty for Chris Evans? Tell us who you are drooling over.

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  1. 100% agree! His tweets are interesting reads, especially those where he packs a punch in a 140 character message! I think he could always go into speech writing or motivational speaking if he gets tired of acting 🙂

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