Matt James Had A Blast From The Past Reach Out To Him When He Was Announced As ‘The Bachelor’

I don’t remember who my third grade teacher was. I do remember fifth grade and Ms. Biros (though I don’t know if I am spelling that name right) or my junior year and Ms. Means. Ms. Means left a message on one of my papers that said, “Ambitious advanced souls experience pain in life early.”

And I have never felt so seen. That phrase lives with me.

So anyhow, if my third grade teacher reached out to me, I would be like who is this and how did you get my email?

And then there is the people who have something amazing happening in their life and would expect people to be reaching out to them.

Matt James, he sure as fuck had a lot of people reaching out to him. The upcoming Bachelor, had a lot of people personally and on line reaching out to him when he was announced.

“I’ve heard from a lot of my Black friends that aren’t Bachelor Nation faithful that are excited about me and honored by the position I’m in,” Matt shared on a recent episode of the Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!.

But the blast from the past that reached out? His third grade teacher.

“I hadn’t heard from her since I missed my book report,” Matt joked. “So, there’s people coming from all over the place to share their excitement. And it’s been nice.”

That’s the sweetest thing ever.

If I ever do something that gets the worlds attention, I am sorry to my third grade teacher who I will never remember.

Are you excited for Matt’s upcoming season of The Bachelor?

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