Thirsty Thursday: Wilmer Valderrama Edition

Wilmer Valderrama. If we’re being completely honest – most of the stars of That 70’s Show are all sorts of problematic or just plain fucking annoying. But Wilmer – there has always been something about him that I am drawn to.

He’s hot.


He’s funny.

He’s hot.

He makes ovaries explode just by his smile.

And so yes, as I lay my ass on my bed and watch re-runs of NCIS, I am entranced with Wilmer and I remember why it is I drool staring at his beautiful face and body. I remember why I have always thirsted over the man.

But why? Lets break it down.


Wilmer is hot. I know that age is nothing but a number, but can we all agree that he doesn’t look anywhere close to 40? Cause he doesn’t. He’s still a beautiful, beautiful, man. He’s like one of those that age like fine wine and your palette is excited at the anticipation of tasting something so unique.

Lord, I think quarantine has made me lonely and in need of some physical touch. But the rona ain’t worth it. So fuck it. Lets digress and talk about his beauty.

The abs are beautiful. The face is beautiful. The hair is beautiful. The hands you want to touch you. The clothes fit perfectly.

He’s just so pretty. Am I allowed to keep saying that? Cause I am going to keep saying it. He’s just so pretty.


One thing that I can always respect about a person is when they have love any loyalty – not only for their family, but for their friends also. Loyalty and love are everything.

The thing that I always think is important is that personal shit stays personal. He doesn’t spill on exes on a level that he could. He could have talked about all of Demi’s issues and he didn’t. Instead all he does is want the best for the people that he’s been with.

He’s engaged to Amanda Pacheco and was never shy about sharing his love for her on the internet. He’s proud of the women that he dates and he shows his love for them.

Aren’t they just slap you in the face so fucking adorable.



I think that it is so important to give back to those around you. It’s important to realize your status in the world and give back to those that need it.

Wilmer does just that. He’s worked with such places as the LA Mission and the USO. And to him it’s not a matter of giving up his time – it’s an honor to do it and spend time with people.

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Almost time! What an honor… #BackstageAtTheUSO

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He’s made sure that during this time of the pandemic he’s using his voice to help and participated in a PSA to help spread awareness on the risks the coronavirus poses for Native peoples.

He also wants to make sure to “create a level of inclusion and diversity that comes from the origin story” with his production company.

He’s about lifting up voices and I drool over his activism. I love a man that does amazing things with his platform.


This is the time in the world that it is more important than ever to talk up about what is happening in the world. It’s the time for difficult conversations, challenging beliefs and making sure that you are fighting for change.

Because life does not need to go back to the way it was. We need to make a better world and a better place for everyone to be a part of.

Wilmer uses his platform to speak up. He makes sure that he talks about how to change the world, what is important, and gets real with you about the reasons why it affects your life.

And we stan.

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PLEASE READ: People are probably wondering, why should I care about the #Census? Every year, billions in federal funds are allocated to local #Hospitals, #Schools, #RoadRepairs, and more. Undercounting in communities ‒ including #Latinx, #AsianAmericans, #ArabAmericans, #NativeAmericans, #Black, and #youth ‒ diverts funds and representation away from them. The #COVID19 #pandemic continues to disproportionately impact minority populations whose local entities like hospitals need more funding to respond to the crisis. The deadline to respond to the Census is Oct. 31st. (This doesn’t mean you can wait till OCT!! Hahaha It only takes 10 minutes! So let’s just do it now!) For more information on the #Census visit ! ! #BeCounted

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He will have the difficult conversations with people and uses his platform to have conversations to educate and appreciate.

Wilmer is about making the world a better place and that is the hottest thing of all.

Who are you thirsting over?

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