‘The Bachelor’ Senior Citizens Spinoff Is Still In The Works

The Bachelor franchise is an absolute monster in the entertainment world. Spanning 40 seasons, two main shows, and several spinoffs, The Bachelor continues to show that its staying power is endless, and it doesn’t appear to be coming to an end anytime soon.

While The Bachelor has garnered a reputation for catering more to a younger audience, they’re looking to change that following Peter Weber’s season. Not only did they get an older Bachelortte in Clare Crowley — who will have older contestants — but there were talks of a new spinoff catered specifically for Baby Boomers, aka The Bachelor: Senior Citizens edition.

Speaking with Variety, ABC’s VP of Alternative Series Rob Mills gave an update about the spinoff and revealed that not only is it still in the works, but they’ve already begun casting interviews.

While The Bachelor‘s senior spinoff was considered to air Fall 2020, that’s obviously not going to be given the COVID-19 pandemic. Clare Crowley’s season of The Bachelorette will air first, presumably later this fall or early winter.

But still, Bachelor‘s senior spinoff still seems like it’ll come to pass. Whenever that may be.

“Some of the casting interviews we got, they were just so touching,” Mills told Variety. “It’s such a different way of doing The Bachelor because these people are just at a totally different place in their lives.” He continued, “There is an interesting thing about people who have hit the other end of the spectrum, who’ve lived their lives, they’ve raised their kids, some have been widowed or divorced and maybe some have never been in love. We thought that would be an interesting dynamic through the Bachelor prism.”

The Bachelorette is slated to begin filming this month. But until then, The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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