The Cast Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Has Changed

I guess that The Bachelorette wants to make sure that we have plenty of surprises to look forward to. I mean the biggest surprise would be if they got someone more interesting than Claire to take the lead, but hey – we’ve settled in for episodes of bad TV before.

Why should now be any different?

The show is taking precautions though – in an effort to make surprises. Cause as we all know we thought that we knew who was going to be in the episode.

But it turns out that 13 previously announced men will no longer be appearing in this season.

Aaron Goodwin, Anthony Witchek, Austin Bouzigard, Bennett Murphy, Bret Engemann, James Clarke, Miley Gully, Nick Eccher, Grant Lewis, Greg Grippo, JP Caruso and Tyler Cottrill will no longer be appearing on the season.

Also not appearing this season will be Matt James, but you know that’s because he’s The Bachelor and all.

Are you looking forward to The Bachelorette?

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