Thirsty Thursday: Henry Golding Edition

When Crazy Rich Asians hit the screen, I fell head over feet for Henry Golding. I admit, it had something to do with the accent – cause there is nothing like a man with a British accent.

That shit is sexy as fuck.

But I also saw the jaw porn and the perfect teeth and was entranced. However what I also saw were beautiful eyes that I couldn’t stop wanting to stare deep into.

And I knew that as I walked out of that movie theater, I was a fan for life.

Henry Golding made me want to crawl into his arms and know that I would be safe there. His simplicity, his beauty, and his heart made me want to get to know more about him.

And though I need to overlook the smoking – which kinda makes me not want to thirst over him – I can’t stop staring at the thirst trap that is Henry Golding.


I am a sucker for an accent and when it comes to Henry’s I am pretty sure that my pants want to fall off as soon as he speaks. The actor has a beautiful voice, one that is entrancing and sounds like music to my ears. He makes me feel at peace. I could listen to him for hours.

Days even.

I think we all find comfort in certain things from people and tone and voice are a big thing for me. Henry’s is comforting and peaceful.


Now when I tried to explain this before, I had many people ask me if I was high or had taken an ambien when I say this to them, but the answer is no.

I feel like you can tell a lot by a persons eyes and his feel safe. He looks so peaceful and the light in his eyes is inviting.

He seems like this deep soul that you can carry on a conversation and discuss the worlds issues with you. Am I aware that I could be reading into things? Yes. Do I care? No.


I know that we all have dreams of who we want to be, but a lot of us fear chasing them. Not Henry. He figures out what he wants to do and does it.

When he was 16, he wanted to cut hair. So he did just that. He moved to London to cut hair. Then at 19, he wanted to be in TV. So what did he do? He went after it. And he ended up a few years later hosting a travel show.

The man doesn’t back down from a challenge. Instead he sees a challenge as opportunity. And that kinda fearlessness is important in life.

His fearlessness led him to Crazy Rich Asians – a role where we were all introduced to his beauty. I think that we can all be inspired by Henry and his determination.

It’s a beautiful thing.


I am kind of a hypocrite with this one, because I don’t believe in love. But Henry does believe in love and is very devoted to his wife.

His wife is Liv Lo, a Taiwanese television presenter and yoga instructor, who he met on New Year’s Day 2011. They became engaged in 2015, and were married in Sarawak, Malaysia, in August 2016.

He is committed to his wife and his love for her shows in the way he lights up in her presence.


One thing I love about Henry is that he has so much pride in who he is, his culture, and the things that he does. All so often in Hollywood you find that people don’t embrace who they are with everything that they have.

He makes such an impression that an accountant who had met him years prior at a party remembered who he was and suggested him to a line producer who brought him to John Chu, and that’s how he was discovered.

I think it’s a testament to how he carries himself. People see the beauty in his confidence and personality.

And that’s pretty captivating.

Are you a fan of Henry Golding? What do you think we should be thirsting over next?

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